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10 Back to School Tips That We All Need

It’s that time again when most parents (even us homeschooling parents) are bombarded with the fact that it is almost time to send your kids back to school. As a homeschooling parent, I rather enjoy all the ideas that I see floating around on Pinterest- back to school ideas, school organization (I am addicted to these) as well as school lunch ideas for kids. Today I will share with you a few posts that I have come across that puts a bit of pep in my step.

10 Back To School Ideas we all need : back to school organization and school lunch ideas

1. Back to School To Do advice from Grownups Mag

2. 5 Easy Back to School Lunches from The Jenny Evolution

3. Make Your Morning Routine for School Run Smoother by The Jenny Evolution

4. Establishing a Before and After Routine by Learn With Play At Home

5. Best Way to Organize School Papers by Temeculablogs

6. Pack Ahead Bento Week by BentoLunch

7. Homework Helper Station by Nouveau Soccer Mom

8. Creating an Effective Morning Routine by The Educator’s Spin On It

9. Fridge Snack Organization by The Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide

10. Easy Lunch Box Ideas by Life At the Zoo


Don’t forget your back to school supplies! I must confess I am a stationery junkie (I have a box of books that are simply ‘pretty’ and pens that are off limits to everyone in my house). Here are my favourites to date:

Please note that affiliate links are used below for your convenience.

1. Frixion Pens

These are my all time favourite pens. They are gel ink and are eraseable- need I say more? Love, love, love!

2. Laminator

This is a must have for me with all the printables that we create. When I do get lazy, I simply use protective sheets.



3. Wite Out

I have been addicted to these since high school. I can even remember my first pack (does that mean I have an awesome memory or I am just plain weird? )


4. Journal

I recently started bullet journalling and it has been fantastic. I love the fact that I now know that when I have an idea I simply add it to my book in bullet form for that particular day and categorize it by: home, blog, personal etc.

What are your favourite back to school tips? Let me know in the comments below.


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