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14 Ways to Show Your Love Without Spending A Dime!

Finding ways to show your love can be hard. It takes imagination or asking your friends and families what they love to receive. But who says you have to open your wallet at all? There are so many ways to show your love without spending a dime. I don’t know about you, but I love finding different ways to show my family that I love them.  

If you are looking for gift ideas that don’t require you breaking out your wallet, you just might like these 14 ways to show your love without spending money.


Who says that in order to show your love you had to spend money? Try one of these 14 ways to show your love without spending a thing!

14 Ways to Show Your Love Without Spending A Dime!

  1. Write a love letter.  When was the last time you wrote a love letter to your significant other?  Take your time putting into words how you truly feel and putting it to pen and paper and you might just get some happy tears.
  2. Create a Mixed Tape.  Okay, maybe I am showing my age there.  The technology may have changed, but the thought behind it has not.  Gather your favorite songs that remind you of that special someone and create the perfect playlist to share with them.
  3. Offer To Take the Kids/Do the Chores, etc.  If you are looking to do something for your spouse to show your love, why not offer to keep the kids occupied or take care of their errands, etc.  This may just get them a little bit of free time that they may not have otherwise had.  
  4. Ask their advice and actually listen to it.  Sometimes we get so busy in life we forget that it makes others feel truly good to know that someone looks to them for advice.  
  5. Send a Good Morning Text.  Even if they slept next to you last night, send them a “Good Morning Beautiful” kind of text to start their day off right.
  6. Make them dinner.  This is a great one for someone who’s significant other cooks every night.  Surprising them with dinner will definitely put a smile on their face.
  7. Give them the remote.  You wouldn’t think this would be such a big deal, but it is.  Even for just one night.
  8. Serve them breakfast in bed.  Everyone should experience breakfast in bed at least once in their lifetime.  It definitely makes you feel loved.
  9. Movie night with their favorite movie.  Even if it means sitting through 2 hours of a movie you hate, do it.  They will know you love them.
  10. Massage.  We all live stressful lives, be sure to help your loved one destress a bit with a nice, relaxing massage.
  11. Let them make the plans.  If you are typically the one who dictates your plans, take a step back and let them make the plans for the night or weekend.  And go along with it with a smile.
  12. Create a Photo Slideshow.  Create a photo slideshow of your favorite moments together to remind them of all of your great times.  
  13. Interview the kids.  If you have children, sit them down and ask them questions about their mom/dad.  Have them write down all of the reasons they love them.
  14. Create a list.  Create a list of all of the reasons you love them.  We often hear the words “I love you”, but we don’t often hear the reasons why.

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