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20 Easy and Simple Flu Remedies

I always find it a bit funny whenever winter decides to visit us here in northern Ontario. It brings subzero temperatures, blankets of snow and of course me trying every flu remedy possible so I can continue with life. Sure I may be forced to my bed for a few days but this year I will be a bit more prepared for the flu season? How? Well let me tell you.

When the cold and flu season hits, I know I will be sick. At least this time I have a list of over 20 easy flu remedies that I can use for myself. I even found a few cold remedies for kids that I may use for our sore throats and they are all natural. BONUS!

First of all, I already know when I am prone to getting the flu and how it will start. It starts with Caleb getting sick from someone in the nursery and he will then pass it on to Mark. Mark in turn will pass it on to me and Jael may or may not be affected by this.

As to when I will probably get sick, it will be around late January to mid February if I play my cards right. By that time the flu would have gone through the schools a few times and would have made it to our homeschooled kids by that time. As always when I do get sick, I will kick myself for not getting the flu shot. I will also congratulate myself for not getting the shot because I would have learnt that this years strain was not covered by the flu shot. I will have also heard of someone getting ridiculously sick from the shot.

I am also arming myself with 20 simple and easy flu remedies to try. Sure I could always use the ones I grew up with back home in Jamaica but I have no aloe vera plants or white rum to re-create them.

20 Easy and Simple Flu Remedies


  • Wellness Juice Shots courtesy of Flo and Grace
    I may need to have cayenne pepper on hand to try this flu remedy though.
  • Homemade Throat Spray courtesy of the Wellness Mama 
    I am not sure why but the idea of a throat spray as opposed to some nasty tasting medicine that claims to work (Buckleys), sounds far more appealing to me.
  • Detox Bath courtesy of The Paleo Mama
    I love bubble baths and its my number one way to de-stress so this detox bath will be attempted – even if it is for kids.
  • Sore Throat Lollipops courtesy of Our Homemade Life
    I am pretty sure I could get my kids to try these lollipops as I cannot get any form of medicine (natural or otherwise) down their throats.





So my plan for this flu season will be to eat tons of candy (for the flu of course) as well as take numerous baths and inhale potpourri. Yup, sounds like an awesome plan. What are some of your go to flu remedies?