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20+ STEAM Activities for Kids

The Christmas Season is full of excitement, joy, and wonder. Capture this enthusiasm with fun and simple learning activities for kids.

STEM Christmas Activities
Although many of us are focused on holiday shopping, cleaning for guests and meal preparations, keeping our children engaged and learning may help reduce the stress of the season.  STEAM: science, technology, engineering,
art, and mathematics activities allows for a wide variety of activities appeal to a range of ages, interests, and abilities.  Doing simple STEAM activities with your kids gives your child a chance to connect with you, while strengthening their academic skills in a playful way. You are your child’s first and most important teacher!
Making learning with your child a priority helps keep their emotional and educational needs met during what many call, “the busiest time of the year.”

Yes, we are ALL BUSY this holiday season. Focusing on STEAM means that you are providing your child with an opportunity to learn that is fun and meaningful.  These activities are of high interest to young
children, hands-on, and open ended,meaning you can do the activity and put your own “spin” on it.

Christmas Science Experiement

STEAM Ideas for Kids

There are many ways to find awesome STEAM activities for your kids.

Yes, I had to put my book in here!  Along with co-author Jamie Hand, an art teacher, we selected our favorite STEAM activities for preschoolers and wrote them out for you.  Complete with teacher notes, activity extensions and learning objectives.  Our goal is to save you time searching, so that you can spend more quality time with your kids.  Download the book to any computer or mobile device for easy access.

Ideas for Making Time for STEAM

  1. Plan for a STEM Saturday and prepare the activities on Friday night.
  2. Do one activity after school each day.
  3. Plan a date night with your spouse and set a few activities out for the babysitter to do with the kids.
  4. Put a list of activities in a jar and let your child pick one to do.
  5. Host a Christmas STEAM play date with your friends. Set up activity stations for children to rotate through.
  6. Purchase and print STEAM: STEM Activities for Christmas for your child’s teacher or daycare provider.  Send them with supplies (such as coffee filters) for the class to do one activity.

For more STEAM activities that can be done year round, you may be interested in STEAM: STEM Activities for Christmas. It has received rave reviews from parents like you!  Read the 5 star reviews here.

Amanda Boyarshinov is a Master K-12 Reading teacher and mom to three young children. She shares her parenting experiences and kids activities with parents and teachers at The Educator’s Spin On It blog.