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3 Fun Ways to Teach Preschool Reading

Have you ever realized how energetic most preschoolers are? How about the fact that they LOVE to find fun ways to do things? They truly do learn through play. Today I will be sharing three fun activities that you can use to teach preschool reading. I will be focusing on letter recognition and reinforcement. Let’s walk.

These fun games are sure to help your kids with their preschool reading at home. Just grab a few items that you probably have on hand and let the learning begin. #preschoolreading

Letter Recognition Card Games

For this activity you can use the free colours playing cards in my store. Simply print, laminate and cut for longer use. Once you have your cards, you can proceed to play the preschool reading games that I listed here. The game that J is playing is a simple upper and lower case matching game.

Looking for a fun way to teach your kids how to read? Try these 3 fun ways to teach Preschool Reading

Scented Shaving Cream Writing

Sure I could have simply grabbed pen and paper and allowed her to practice her letters, but where is the fun in that? I could have also just created a tray with plain shaving cream and I am sure J would have been happy none the less. Mommy however wanted to up the ante for our preschool reading session. So I added a coconut scent to the shaving cream. I chose to create 2 trays, one for her and one for myself. This way I could demonstrate the task at hand and then give it to her, fully knowing that she was probably just going to play with it as opposed to forming the letters. At least she would have seen the letters when I was demonstrating it on my tray.


Balloon Madness

This is a game that I came up with for J when she was younger. I would write the letter on the balloon and hang them from the ceiling. I would then proceed to call out a letter or the appropriate sound. She would then find the correct balloon and slap it.

Looking for a fun way to teach your kids how to read? Try these 3 fun ways to teach Preschool Reading
Add only a few lettered balloons at a time so that you do not overwhelm you preschooler and just let them have fun. You can also use this game for older preschoolers for sight words or even beginning or ending sounds.

What are some of the fun activities that you use to teach letter recognition with your preschooler?




Monday 28th of September 2015

I love those colorful alphabet cards - the splatter design is awesome!

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Tuesday 30th of December 2014

[…]  3. 3 Fun Ways to Teach Preschool Reading […]


Monday 29th of December 2014

My preschooler liked playing in sand for letter recognition. I would lay out a letter and then have her draw it in the sand with her finger or sometimes a stick in the dirt.

Susen Malkowski Kuchta

Wednesday 15th of October 2014

The balloon idea is such an engaging way to help learn letters/sounds! Going to give it a try!


Wednesday 15th of October 2014

Its pretty fun and may get a bit wild. Enjoy Susen!


Thursday 9th of October 2014

What great ideas. My son would love the balloon one! Thanks so much for sharing with the #pinitparty