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4 Ways To Respond When Your Child Wants to Go To School

I always knew this day would happen, I just assumed it would happen further on in our homeschooling journey. You know that moment- the one that leaves you scrambling for an acceptable answer that would reassure and convince your child that everything is perfect and will be perfect. Personally, I blame all the back to school promotions going on. Jael, my daughter, randomly asked one afternoon,

Mommy, when am I going to go to school?

Sure you could panic and have a breakdown. You could cry and feel like a failure because your child wants to go to school (and there is no shame in that). Or you could breathe, and try one or all of the things I did.

So your homeschool child wants to go to school? What do you do? Here are 4 ways you could respond to your child when they ask.

Find Out Why Your Child Wants To Go To School

When Jael asked this question, I was calm. In fact I was calmer than I normally am so I must have been tired. I didn’t get mad or let her feel wrong for asking the question. I smiled and asked calmly why she wanted to go to school.

I listened and smiled as she answered. She was fascinated with the playground at the French elementary school and she also wanted to go on a school bus- two reasons I believe that I could solve.

Her wanting to play at the playground, simply meant that I needed to take her to more of the playgrounds around town and also try to have play-dates and meet ups at the park with kids her age.

As to the school bus issue, luckily we know one of the drivers pretty well. She had actually suggested a few months earlier if she could give Jael a few rides per week after her run is done. This would be more than suffice Jael’s needs to ride a school bus.

Give Examples of Other Friends and Kids That Are Homeschooled

I don’t know about you but whenever I have to convince Jael about something I need to have my stats and facts ready. What can I say, she keeps me on my toes. When she dropped the question on me, I simply reminded her of her friends (one girl in particular who Jael adores) that homeschool.


Emphasize All the Things They Get To Do

Come on, how many kids at school can say that they made butter in science class today simply because they came across a book that had a similar experiment?

And you bet that it was the best butter I have ever tasted (and the most unhealthy). Or how many kids can say that it simply felt hot and miserable so they had homeschool outside under a tree? Better yet, how about the fact they cooled off on a slip and slide and then went back to work after?

Today may be another water slide day. While my kids are happy with the heat, I am crying inside for the cool weather.

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There are so many benefits of homeschooling and I am barely touching the tip!

When All Else Fails…

Okay so your kids aren’t buying what you are selling. That’s okay- really. It is at this time you have to remind yourself

Why did I chose to homeschool my child?

Whatever your reasons were bring them to the front of your mind. Then share with your child your reasons. Kids are so much smarter that we give them credit. They may not believe them or think they are valid but guess what? You are the adult and what you say goes.

What are some of the things you do when your child asks to go to school? I also found this article from a few leading homeschoolers helpful.