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5 Quick and Healthy Snacks for Preschoolers

5 quick and healthy snacks for preschoolers

Everyone knows that life with a preschooler is busy. What most don’t know is that life with a tired mom (me) a highly energetic baby bent on destroying all adult furniture (Baby C) and a preschooler (J) is beyond busy.

So when J says those dreaded words, “More milk, please?” I know it means snack time. For the life of me I cannot figure out why she refuses to say she is hungry even though its in her vocabulary. Oh well.

What do I do when I know she is hungry and Baby C is clingy because his gums and teeth are having an epic battle called TEETHING? I need a list of QUICK and HEALTHY snacks. Sure I could sit back and snap my fingers and ask for Apple Fries but I cannot afford a maid or a personal chef. Today I will share 5 of the snacks that  I make for J.

Healthy Platter

1) Apple Fries
– 1 Apple
Simply cut apple in long strips resaembling fries.
Preschoolers are picky and J refused to eat apples until I did I called it Apple Fries. Did I mention preschoolers are picky?

2) Dip Those Coins, Matey!
– 1/2 cucmumber
– 100 g of favourite yogurt
Thinly slice cucumbers and provide yogurt for dipping. Its that easy. I am sure J enjoys the dipping more than the snack itself.

3) Carrot Fingers
– 7 Baby Carrots
Cut carrots length wise and give to whiny preschooler.
This is quite similar to Apple Fries except that it is done with carrots. Regular carrots can be used as a substitute.

4) Cheese and Grapes
– 20 grapes (this is 1 serving of fruit for a preschooler)
– Cheese (sliced or cubed)
A meal fit for royalty? I have no idea why grapes and cheese seems so irresistible to preschoolers. Anyone care to explain that to me?

5) Cheese, Please?
– cheese
Simply dice, cube, slice cheese and you have a snack fit for a preschooler

Well there you have it: 5 QUICK and HEALTHY snacks. Now back to watching those kids.

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