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5 Signs that You Need A Break

The day starts like any other day. You hear the little feet hitting the wooden floors and the sounds get closer and closer. Soon you have a visitor or two in your bed. You then scold yourself for not getting up earlier when your alarm told you to. Next you dread creating that to do list that you should have done the night before. Too late for that now. Ever wondered what are the signs that you need a break are? Keep reading.

Ever wondered if you need a break? How about the fact that you are forgetful? Or you are suddenly grumpy? Here are 5 signs that you need a break


Case 1: Momzilla

You get annoyed at the simplest thing. Why is that ant in my house? How dare it crawl on the floor? Didn’t I clean this yesterday? Your children’s happy go lucky personalities sets you off. You say to yourself, “Why can’t I be that content?” Well before you can finish the thought you remember that you forgot to add something to you to do list. Sigh. Yup this is the first sign that you need a break.

Case 2: Expert Recluse

Let’s just stay in the house forever. Forget about scheduled events- who needs them? Its not as if my kids are going to be the next top figure skater or soccer player? Besides I see that one rain cloud so obviously it is going to storm. Better stay home just in case- you will definitely get pneumonia if you get wet. I am sure there is a medical article about that somewhere.

Case 3: The Daydreamer

Fluffy white pillows , at least 4 all on a neatly spread uber soft white bed that has a mattress that hugs every single part of you that hurts and aches. Why do you hurt and ache- let’s not go there. The room is equipped with a mini fridge and stove (not that you will be cooking anything) as well as… room service. Naturally all alarm clocks and unnecessary distractions will have to go and light out curtains are a must. Yup if you are dreaming about this then you need a break.

Case 4: Sleeping Beauty

Our body reacts to stress in various ways. Some people get hyper and thrive under the pressure (aka my husband). Normal people however just want everything to slow down to almost a stop. Actually- hold that thought because I am now daydreaming about that nice comfy bed. Yup sleep can and will be your best friend if you get the chance to. Besides sleeping, your body also lets you know that you need a break through extra weight gain, breakouts etc. If your body is out of whack- its time to dial it back.

Case 5: Forgetful Fanny

“Oh no! I lost the cellphone again”  while you are talking on the phone to someone. Yup that’s happened to me once or twice- I will admit it. When you need a break you forget stuff- even important things. Its as if your brains says that it cannot keep up with you so it will be taking the vacation that you crave.

If any of these cases speak to you, then trust me when I say this- you need a break now. It could simply mean that you have to break the iron-clad routine that you have established because you read all those productivity books. Just stop, step back, breathe and breath some more. Try to remember what relaxes you and try to do it. Besides, being a parent is hard and you need all the energy you can get.

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