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8 Family Date Night Ideas You’ll All Absolutely Love

What are you doing this weekend?  If you feel like you need to spend more time with your spouse and kids, why not plan a family date night?

Just like it is important for you to plan a date with your partner, planning out special time together as a family is equally important.  If you are at a loss for what to plan to do, there are so many things that make a perfect family date night plan!

Looking for some fun ways to spend time with your family? Want to make some extra memories? Try one of these 8 family date night ideas.

Check out this list below for some great family date night ideas

8 Family Date Night Ideas You’ll All Absolutely Love

Family Date Night Idea #1: Game night

Family game nights are always so much fun, and it is such a great way to spend an evening together as a family.  Play a game that is suitable for everyone in the family and listens to the giggles that follow.


Family Date Night Idea #2: Make dinner as a family

Yeah, you have dinner at home every night, but I would bet that it is just mom or just dad that does the cooking day-to- day, am I right?  How about you make it a family effort where everyone takes part in making dinner.


 Idea #3: Dinner and a Movie

  Dinner and a movie aren’t just for romantic outings.  Kids like dinner and a movie out too!  If you are on a budget, you can find a second run theater that shows movies that have been out for a while or hit up the matinee hours at a nearby theater.


Family Date Night Idea #4: Have an evening picnic dinner at the park

If it isn’t yet dark, pack a picnic meal and head to the park.  It is nice to get some fresh air while the kids can burn off some energy.


 Idea #5: Bowling

Bowling is a very fun way to spend an evening together.  You will all be busy cheering for one another to get that strike!  Again, if you are on a budget, most bowling alleys offer a discount night making this a very reasonably priced date night.


Family Date Night Idea #6: Movie night and living room campout

Make a bed out of pillows and blankets on your living room floor and pick out a family movie to enjoy from your comfy family bed.


Family Date Night Idea #7: Visit an arcade

While an arcade is probably rarely on your to-do list of places to go, it can be a super fun way to spend time with the family.  For you, it will bring back memories of your childhood trips to arcades, and for your kids, it will be a blast to be playing games with mom and dad.


Family Date Night Idea #8: Family bike ride or walk

Are you are looking for a family date night idea that keeps you active?  A family activity that I love it after dinner takes the whole family outside for a family bike ride or even a family walk around the neighborhood or neighborhood park.


What is your idea of a great family date night?