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Learning about the solar system? Are you looking for some fun and hands on activities for your homeschool or your math centers as well as your word work centers? Then this is the pack for you.

Enjoy this solar system mega pack that includes math activities and word work activities


Find the Letter Clip Cards 

Simply grab your magnifying glass, clothes pins and find the hidden letter in the pictures. This pack contains clip cards (4 on each page) and a hidden letter within each image.  You can either use all the cards as is on the sheet, cut them out and staple them or even use a brad to secure the cards.


Math Playdough Mats

These playdough mats allow your child to work on both their counting skills as well as their fine motor skills.


Count, Build, Write


This is a fun math activity that is self correcting and allows your child to work independently. They will simply take a card (that has been previously folded and displaying the items to be counted), count the items and flip the card over to see if they are correct.

Once this phase is done, they will then build – whether it b with snap cubes or unifix cubes.

After the building phase is done, they will write the number in the last area on the card. I suggest that you laminate the cards provided (there is a full black card as well as a more printer friendly version)


You can see details about this from the post SOLAR SYSTEM EDUCATIONAL PRESCHOOL GAMES.

My daughter loved playing this solar system educational preschool game. It can even be used as a space theme activity and not just a solar system activity.

Read Build Write

Similar to Count Build Write.


Alphabetical Order Planets

Simply print and cut out the planets (whether uppercase or lowercase) and have your student arrange them in alphabetical order

Stamp the Beginning Sounds

Grab your stamps and stamp away while identifying the beginning sound for each image. This activity is also a self-correcting one that allows your child to work independently.

My daughter loved these solar system stamp the beginning sound cards to work on identifying her beginning sounds .

Please note that this download expires after 3 attempts or 7 days- whichever comes first.