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‘At’ Word Family Puzzle

Did you know that learning word families can be a bit daunting for a kindergartner? However the easiest to start with seems to be the ‘at’ word family. My daughter has become puzzle crazy lately and its a bit scary. She puts them together and then undoes them just to redo them. Following her lead and also refusing to buy any more puzzles for a bit (we have an entire shelf of puzzles now) I decided to channel that love. I created her first set of at word family worksheets that are puzzles!

These at word family worksheets puzzle was just what my daughter needed as a fun word family activity


Ok, I admit that I was a bit nervous creating these puzzles for my daughter. Why? Well it wouldn’t be as sturdy as regular puzzles and quite frankly you just never know with kids. I really wanted to continue working on word families and if we can throw in some fine motor skills as well as perception all while she doesn’t realize that she is working, then my work is done.



Here is what you need to get started (please note that affiliate links are used below to help you)

 HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing, Instant Ink Neenah Premium Cardstock, 96 Brightness, 65 lb, Letter, Bright White, 250 Sheets per Pack (91904) X-ACTO #1 Knife, Z Series With Safety Cap Elmer’s Tac ‘N Stik Reusable Adhesive Avery Economy Clear Sheet Protectors, Acid Free (75091)

  • Puzzle frame and pieces (at the end of this post)



  1. Print both the at puzzle frame (the lighter shaded page) as well as the puzzle itself (the brighter page).
  2. Cut out the puzzle pieces. I tried using a pair of scissors but had a hard time with all the curves so I had to grab my stencil knife and it made the entire process so much easier.
  3. Add pieces of mounting putty to the back of each piece.
  4. Place the puzzle frame (the lighter colored sheet) in the protective sleeve.
  5. Allow your kindergartner to match the pieces to the frame.
  6. Allow him/ her to identify the different images on the page.

These at word family worksheets puzzle was just what my daughter needed as a fun word family activity too


Once she had put the puzzle together we identified all the images on the page. We also worked on segmenting the different sounds. Another activity we could have done was spelling the sounds out but I didn’t think of it in time.

You can also allow your child to put the puzzle together without the frame- just follow their pace. My daughter is a stickler of doing things the right way so when I tried to get her to do the puzzle without the frame- she thought I was doing it wrong.