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Adam: The Gift of Responsibility (Bible Lessons for Preschoolers)

Today marks our first post in our bible lessons for preschoolers series called Little Disciples. Little Disciples is part of a series that Joyice and I have teamed up to create. We wanted to be able to show our children the characteristics that they need to possess and then connect these traits as we countdown to Christmas. Speaking of which, did you know it’s 20 weeks until Christmas? Crazy, eh? In every preschool Bible lesson, there will be a character and a trait discussed. This trait or gift will then be reinforced through various activities. If you have elementary aged children, hop over to Joyice at Raising Boys Homeschool, if you have a preschooler then stay with me. Let’s walk.

Preschool Bible Lesson on Adam: The gift of responsibility

#20 Adam: The Gift of Responsibility

When God created the Garden of Eden, He told Adam that he was responsible for it. Adam had to ‘work it and keep it’. This means that Adam would have to take care of the plants and the animals that were in it.

As parents we were given the gift of having children. We were commanded to love and teach them so that they will be responsible adults and influence their children.
In our house, we believe strongly in Proverbs 22:6 which says

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

This means that at a very young age, we try to introduce J to the concept of responsibility. If you find this a bit strange to be doing with a 2.5 year old let me give you an example.

J is currently obsessed with a 1950 model car that she received as a gift and insists that she goes to bed with it. She wipes it down and even tries to put gas in it. She knows not to leave her car around Baby C because he might break it or get a small piece into his mouth.

If a 2.5 year old can understand that she needs to take care of her toys, then she can understand the gift of

Click to download your FREE Adam-The Gift of Responsibility bible lessons for preschoolers. This lesson includes this week’s Bible verse and Bible story. It also includes application through connecting to Christmas, an activity, prayer and allows your child to go even deeper with more activities. I would suggest that for the traceable sheet that you either laminate it or place in a protective sheet and trace on the sheet. For additional exercises Kim  of Brookdale House is sharing her awesome handwriting books with us for this series. Please print page 18 from the download Handwriting Practice from the Bible Book 1 . It is also a free download until Aug15.’

As promised,  The Biblical Character Christmas Countdown download is now for you to use. Simply print on cardstock and cut out. Place the cards in a pocket chart holder.

Thanks for walking with me.


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Sunday 31st of August 2014

we have started the lessons today! very fun! thanks for such a great plan. my daughter started talking about Christmas a few months ago and this is a wonderful way to engage her.


Sunday 31st of August 2014

That is fantastic! Glad to know that it's helpful. Can't believe she was talking about Christmas that early.

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[…] Welcome to the first week of Young Disciples. If you read my intro to this series, then you know I have teamed up with Alecia at Learning to Walk. Did you know it was 20 weeks until Christmas? Crazy, huh? Alecia and I had this unique idea to teach our children personal character that we present as “gifts” as weekly countdown to Christmas. Each week, we’re featuring a Bible person with a character trait we feel he or she best possesses (or not) to help our children improve their own personal character. If you have elementary aged kids, you’ll want to stay right here; but if you have preschool aged kids, hop on over to Learning2Walk! […]