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Winter Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Snow, snow, snow! It is winter where I live and there is snow. The kids are excited to be out and about building snowmen and throwing snowballs. Great fun!

Children are fascinated with snow and it is no wonder. It is beautiful and cold. It is fun to play in and it changes the entire look outside their windows. Do you remember sitting with your nose pressed to the window watching the snow coming down—it was magical.

I write about boys’ learning and thought it would be fun to share some learning activities for preschoolers with a snowy, wintery twist. All of these activities are quick and easy to set up because I know moms with kids in this age group are busy!

I love taking what we are enjoying and adding in a bit of learning. Life is full of great learning opportunities.

Get Preschool Girls and Boys Learning with Fun Winter Activities

Get Girls and Boys Learning with Fun Winter Activities:

Play with numbers and counting by playing this Snowman Counting Game. Super cute! You put a hat on the snowman and choose the correct number of buttons to match the number.

I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to share it. Toddler Approved has a Build a Snowman Dice Game with a free printable. Roll the dice and build your snowman by choosing the part (eyes, nose, hat . . .) for the number you rolled.

Here are two simple baking soda and vinegar science experiments will delight kids. I don’t think they ever get tired of this type of thing, do you? Fizzing  Snowflakes and Melting Snowmen.

Make Frozen Bubbles. You do need to be in a cold weather area to try this one! If your kids like blowing bubbles in the summer, they are going to love this! Homemade bubble solution and tips for making frozen bubbles included.

If you and your child are working on sight words together this Snowflake Sight Words Activity will be a lot of fun. Free printable snowflakes with words. They can write their words in the snow (salt) or take the game outside and write in real snow.

You can also try the Icy Hand activity right here on this site. Kids can investigate melting and the effect of salt on ice. I have seen people add some sparkles and a bit of color to these hands as well for some extra fun.

Science, math, language and more included in this fun winter learning roundup for preschool girls and boys.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of snowflakes and learn more about them try the Non-Fiction Snowflake Books list on my site (Brain Power Boy.) I have a boys’ book club and I plan to get those boys learning, winter style, with these books!

This winter play around with snow, snowflakes, and of course, snowmen. Try some of these activities to get your girls and boys learning while having fun. Enjoy!

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