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Yes Christmas is coming and so its time to share all the activities that J (sometimes C- my toddler) and I are doing. On this page you will find all the Christmas preschool activities as well as regular Christmas posts that have been published.

christmas activities for preschoolers

65 Easy Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

Yes you read the number correctly- 65 activities that you can do with your preschooler this Christmas and to be honest, you have enough for next year as well.

65 christmas activities for preschoolers

Find And Match The Letters

I decided to add a literacy activity to J’s second Christmas bin and she loved it!

preschool sensory activities- find the letter

Don’t Spend A Dime This Christmas

I would like to think that this title is pretty self-explanatory.

no buy christmas tips

Christmas Lacing Cards

Lacing cards are a great way for preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills. Use these free Christmas Nativity lacing cards to help work on that pencil grasp and fine motor skills.

Christmas Scented Playdough

In this post you will find the 2 different scents of playdough that I made for J- cranberry and cinnamon. J loved the cinnamon playdough instantly and then EVENTUALLY warmed up to the cranberry playdough. Now she insist on using them daily.

Preschool Sensory Activities for Christmas- Playdough

Preschool Lesson Plan: Christmas

This post has our Christmas preschool lesson plan that J did. We focused on Math, Literacy and our favourite book of the week was listed.

christmas preschool lesson plan

Frugal Yet Awesome Gifts for Your Preschooler ($20 and under)

This is a Christmas Gift List for Preschoolers. Everything listed here is totally awesome and UNDER $20. It has a round up that includes a kid made crafts that can be mailed, a snowman Christmas mug and more.

Frugal Gifts under 20 dollars for preschoolers

Why We Didn’t Give Our Kids Presents Last Christmas

Am I a Grinch for not giving my kids a Christmas present last year? In this post I have given my reasons and have left you to decide my fate. So far I am not a Grinch and I hope that doesn’t change.

why we never gave our kids christmas presents last year

Peppermint Christmas Bin

As I am TRYING to keep up with the sensory addiction J has, I created a peppermint scented Christmas sensory bin for her. I also added a few extra things as well.

preschool sensory activities:our peppermint christmas sensory bin

Christmas Lacing Cards - Learning 2 Walk

Sunday 14th of December 2014

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65 Easy Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

Sunday 30th of November 2014

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