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Colour Theme Preschool Reading

It’s colour week in preschool this week and we are going all out! Last week’s x-ray theme was a success so I decided to see if I could kick it up a notch. Today’s post deals with preschool reading or in this case, pre-reading and how we will use the theme of colours to reinforce certain concepts with J. Let’s walk.

colour theme preschool reading

Letter Recognition

For this activity, we printed the pages on cardstock and then cut out the cards. Once that was done we played our matching game. In this game we matched the upper and the lower case letters together. In order to not overwhelm her immediately, we started off with 10 sets of letter and then worked our way up to 26.

colours theme preschool reading sample of page

Other Letter Games

These cards can also be used to play other letter recognition games as well.

1) Go Fish

Print and cut out all the cards and then proceed to play the game. When we play this game this is what we do.
1. Give each player 4 cards each and place the rest face down in the middle in a deck.
2. Then ask, ” May I have a big B please?”
3. If the player does not have the big B, then the person asking has to ‘go fishing’ in the deck by selecting the top card.
4. The game is continued until all the cards are matched and placed face down. The player with the most matches wins.

 2) Letter Chaos

Once your cards have been printed and cut out, choose 5 pairs of letters and then prepare for chaos.
1) Tell your preschooler to throw the cards in the air. You may get a strange look or two.
2) Then ask them to match the upper and lower cases together.
Continue adding pairs 5 pairs to each round working your way up to all 26 pairs.


Books for Colour Week

Here are a few books that talk about colours. Don’t forget to ask and point out the different colours while reading. Most importantly, enjoy snuggling and reading with your preschooler. Please note that my affiliate links are used. See my disclosure policy for more details.

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Emma @ P is for Preschooler

Thursday 18th of September 2014

I love the colorful splatter design on the letter printable cards!