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The Creepy Crawlies Kingdom

Welcome back to another week of Playful Preschool. This week’s theme is Creepy Crawlies and I am sure my fellow preschool bloggers will be going all out. In case you are new, Playful Preschool is a group of bloggers coming together to provide creative and playful ways to teach your preschooler based on a chosen preschool lesson plan theme for the week. Bloggers choose different subjects under this theme such as Fine and Gross Motor Skills or preschool sensory activities and then we share how they can be done.

creepy crawlies lesson plan with a preschool sensory activity
To be honest, I was extremely nervous about this theme as J is terrified of insects and bugs. She has nightmares about mosquitoes and ants. What can I say, she just hates bugs. Luckily, hubby thought that if I did not go crazy with the theme, she may enjoy it. This week I decided to create a sensory bin and also throw a science lesson in as well.

Items for Creepy Crawlies Preschool Lesson Plan

1) Container for your sensory bin
2) Rice (enough to cover the base of the container)
3) Brown food colouring
4) Creepy Crawlies set
5) Spoons, cups, jug

First get your bin and pour out your rice to cover the base. This way you will know exactly how much you need to colour. Once that is done, place the rice in a ziplock bag.

Grab a cup and place a small amout of water (just enough to get the rice wet) and add your food colouring. If you do not have brown food colouring then you can do what I did. Add 2 drops red, 2 drops green and 6 drops yellow. I also added vanilla extract both for the colour and the smell.

Once your mixture is made, pour it into the bag and shake it up to cover the rice evenly. Leave the rice to dry in the bag- its less messy this way.

Pour your rice into the bin and add your creepy crawlies as well as measuring spoons and a cup or two, so that pouring may be practised.

Creepy Crawlies Lesson plan: sensory activities for preschoolers

What She Did

So just as I figured, J did not go anywhere near the sensory bin. I had so many great ideas too. I will still share them so that you can use them with your preschooler and maybe C (who is no longer a baby but a walking toddler) will want to play with it later on.

The plan was to identify the different bugs in the bin and speak about their different parts. We would also do a quick Math lesson: count the bugs, how many legs does a spider have etc.

Do you have a preschooler that simply hates bugs? Did you do anything to ease their minds? Let me know in the comments. No, seriously- let me know. Thanks for walking with me.




Creepy Crawly Playful Preschool Weekly Lesson Plan

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I'll bet the kids had so much fun playing in this bin! Our kids love to explore the different bins, but we have never had a creepy crawly one.:) Nice post!