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Delayed Academic Approach- There’s More Than One Homeschooling Method?

Delayed Academics

Sadly, we have come to the end of yet another fantastic series  to guide us on our homeschooling journey. We have looked at the Eclectic Method, Classical Method, Waldorf Method, Charlotte Mason and today we close with the Delayed Academics Approach. Ending our series is Dawnita from Fogleman Forerunner. Let’s walk.

According to Dawnita

The Delayed Academic Approach is based on a Hebrew philosophy of waiting until a child is around 12 years of age for formal education. In Delayed Academics, you learn with your children through everyday life and fun activities. This philosophy works well with Unit Studies and Charlotte Mason education.

At the time God called us to homeschool, there were few other homeschooling families in our area and few books available on the subject. The first book I picked out to purchase was Raymond & Dorothy Moore’s “The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook”.

I had people in our community openly wanting me to fail. The term “Successful” was what I wanted. The book, written by missionaries was very eye-opening. Konos was also suggested, and while I loved the ideas in Konos, it didn’t work for our family as a whole. I used it as a reference and springboard for many years.

What We Use

We use Math-U-See and Rod & Staff readers and lots of craft supplies for our 12 and under children. I also read to them a lot and we critically discuss all the videos we watch and activities in our life.

Extra Resources


Tuesday 19th of August 2014

Thank you for linking to Home Educating the Whole Child. I enjoyed your post.