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Dinosaurs Positional Words Worksheets for Kindergarten

Ever wondered how to teach your kids positional words? How about how to teach positional words with dinosaurs involved? These Dinosaur positional words worksheets for kindergarten will definitely do the job!

We are officially finished with our farm kindergarten worksheets and now we are on to DINOSAURS! Today’s set of dinosaur positional words worksheets for kindergarten allows your little one to cut and paste the dinosaurs in the correct positions.


Who doesn't love dinosaurs? Enjoy these dinosaurs positional words worksheets for kindergarten

Resources needed for this activity


 Learning Resources Mini-Dino Counters, Set of 108 Fiskars 12 Inch Recycled SureCut Trimmer (01-005454)

How To Use the Dinosaur Positional Words Worksheets

There are 2 ways that these sheets can be used.

The first method:

  • Simply print the sheets out and cut out the dinosaurs on the back.
  • Then have your child glue the dinosaur in the correct position


The second way to do this activity is to use a dinosaur counter, similar to the one listed above. Have your child place the dinosaur in the correct position. You can even make a game of it to see how fast they can complete all the cards!


I love providing my printables for free in hopes that your kiddos will love them as much as mine do. Please note that if you do download anything from my site, that you are agreeing to my terms of use and all the other legalities (privacy policy and disclosure policy) that are in place. I am all for sharing but please share the link to this post so that they can download their own copy. Do NOT share the link to the printables themselves. Thanks for walking with me!

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