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Has your preschooler or kindergartner mastered identifying their name as yet? How about writing their name? Today the #Teachece will share with you creative ways to help your kids and students learn their names. For my part, I will be sharing with you our puzzle as well as a free name puzzle template at the end of this post. Working on name recognition? Use this free puzzle template to help your preschooler to recognize their name Let me start off by saying that the puzzles will have my name as I do not share my children’s name. J did, however, do her puzzle with her name.  Ok so now that has been said, let’s get to the fun part of creating your own puzzle.


1) The first thing you want to do is print the puzzle template provided below. There are two options:
  1. Print on cardstock
  2. Print on regular paper and glue to cardboard
I chose to print on colored cardstock as I had an unopened pack that I was itching to use. Remember I am a confessed stationary junkie. 2) Once you have printed your template, simply write your child’s first name large enough to cover the puzzle template with a permanent marker. Ensure that the name falls in all four sections. This was a bit hard for me as I tend to write very small. 3) Demonstrate how to put a puzzle together if they have never done so before. Once the demonstration is done, allow them to try the puzzle on their own. If you want to add a self-correcting factor, print two copies of the template, write the first name on both but only cut up one set as they can use the second sheet for reference.


  • There is no longer a free printable library.
  • All free printable worksheets (including paid products) are now in the NSH Worksheets Collective which is hosted on THINKIFIC.
  • The cost is $25 for life.
  • There are no free printables to download from the site but the posts will include how to use them.
  • All the DOWNLOAD BUTTONS are being switched out slowly and they all lead to a 404 page encouraging you to sign up for the NSH Worksheets Collective.​


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I think my kids are going to have a great time making this!

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