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Don’t Homeschool! Are You A Trained Teacher?

Today marks our first post in the series: Don’t Homeschool! It will ruin your kids. We will be looking at the first reason not to homeschool: being a trained teacher.

Did I attend Teacher’s College? No
Do I have a teaching degree or diploma? No
So what makes me qualified to teach MY kids?

Here is my simple answer: Its not the degree that matters so much but the skill set. What are the two things that you need to have to be a good teacher? You need to know the material and you need to be able to teach the material.

are you a trained teacher then you cant homeschool and other reasons against homescholing your kids


I have an honours degree from one of the finest institutions in the Caribbean. (I am a Jamaican living in Canada, remember?)  But we should always remember that while the certificate looks great, it’s the skill set that counts.

How many times have we crammed the night before an exam, passed it, and then weeks later cannot remember anything?  And how many people actually take the time to keep up with what they’ve learned after they have graduated?  It’s possible to have a degree and still not really know the material.

On the other hand, a person who doesn’t have a degree but has the ability to learn, the drive to learn, and the desire to keep learning might actually know the material better than a person who does have a degree.   I’m not saying that having a degree isn’t important, but having a degree doesn’t necessarily mean that you know the material that you need to teach.

So here are some questions you need to ask:

  1. Do you know the material?
  2. Do you have the capacity to learn the material?
  3. Do you have the drive to go that extra mile and learn the material well?


Be Able To Teach the Material

The same thing goes for being able to teach the material. It’s not the certificate that counts so much but the skill set. How many people with a teaching certificate are actually horrible teachers? They can’t teach the material and, even worse, they can sometimes be EXTREMELY boring.

Being able to teach is something that can be learned and there are resources that can help you be a better teacher if you are willing to learn. There are also scripted curricula that tell you exactly what to say when you are teaching. With a little practice, you won’t even need it.


You don’t need to have formal training as a teacher to homeschool your kids. But you do need to have the capacity, the desire, and the drive to learn. If you have the desire to learn and to teach well you can be even better than someone with a certificate.

In part 2 of the series, Don’t Homeschool! It Will Ruin Your Kids, I will look an ‘oldy but goody’: your kids won’t be socialized!


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Tuesday 18th of November 2014

Great article. I would just like to say that even if you have the skill set to teach there may come a point where don't know a subject well enough to teach it. This happened with my mom who homeschooled me up until my junior year of high school. I was struggling with math, a subject she had difficulty with, and my mom was unable to help me. She could have easily just given up on math or put me in public school. Instead though she got me a tutor that I spent time with once a week. My math skills greatly improved and I didn't have to go to public school. I say this because not every mom is going to be able to teach every subject well but that doesn't mean that you can't homeschool your children.


Thursday 8th of January 2015

Awesome. I find where I struggle..reading altho I love to I'm dyslexic….my hubby excels. If I'm reading and can't figure out a word I ask him. I think as I'm teaching her phonics…something we did less of in 70's then is done today it will help me too. On another note. I don't talk with family members who have always bashed me and called me stupid. don't need their bulling! my girl it just over 2 1/2. loves to learn and has done half of the 4 yr old work. we are just starting to write 1 simple letter….T-I-L-a-o ..a day. anyone can homeschool even with a high school education!!!!

Theresa (Capri + 3)

Saturday 20th of September 2014

Those are great points. Your title is very catchy and the picture on the Pinterest post is funny and made me want to read your post.


Saturday 20th of September 2014

Thanks Theresa. I loved the picture too!

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