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Don’t Homeschool! You Will Ruin Your Kids Series


dont homeschool- you will ruin your kids

Don’t Homeschool! You Will Ruin Your Kids Series

So you have made the decision to homeschool. Or maybe you are toying with the decision to homeschool. Either way, you have either had opposition or you fear what your friends and family will say. This series is dedicated to helping all my fellow homeschoolers when they reach this point in their journey.


The first post is merely an introduction to the Don’t Homeschool series. Here I will give a brief introduction of what is to come as well as state the purpose of the series.

dont homeschool- you will ruin your kids
If you are still with me up to this point, the post Don’t Homeschool: Are you a trained teacher? is next on the list. This post deals with one of the number one reasons that is given for not homeschooling: lack or a teacher’s degree. You will learn that  ‘it’s not the degree that matters so much but the skill set’. I also go on to discuss the two things needed to be a good teacher: knowing the material and being able to teach the material.

don't homeschool- are you a trained teacher?
Don’t Homeschool: Your Kids Won’t Be Socialized is THE major excuse that nay- sayers give against homeschooling. Here I address what socialization actually is, look at a few of the homeschooling stereotypes as well as assess a few of the benefits of being in a regular school.

don't homeschool! Your kids wont be socialized
Last in the series is Don’t Homeschool! Your Kids Will Miss Out. This post addresses whether or not a homeschooler is missing out on some of the definitive moments of life such as attending prom or being on the high school football team.

homeschooling fallacy: your kids will miss out
Well there you have it. I have looked at the major reasons that are given against homeschooling and broken them down bit by bit for you. Now go ahead, make up your mind about whether or not you want to homeschool.


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