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Easy, Useful and Practical Spring Cleaning Jobs for Kids

Spring cleaning jobs for kids- do those words even make sense together especially if you have younger kids? I truly believe that while they may not love having chores, kids, especially young kids, love having responsibilities. Well, at least my children seem to love having responsibilities.  

They love knowing that mom and dad trust them with a job.  Spring cleaning time is the perfect time to let your children know that you trust them.  Besides, who wouldn’t accept extra help with cleaning?

Who wouldn't accept extra help with Spring cleaning? Recruit your kids with these easy, useful and practical spring cleaning jobs for kids.

If you are finding yourself wondering what jobs you should let them do and which ones you should just keep for you, I made you a little list of what I believe are easy Spring cleaning jobs for kids:


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Spring Cleaning Jobs for Kids:
Purging the toy box of broken or unused toys

I break this job into two parts, and it’s both useful and a great learning experience.  

  • To start with, dump out your kids’ toy box and have them remove any toys that are broken or damaged, and throw them out.
  • Next,  have your child go through and remove any toys that are in good shape, but that they no longer play with.  Take these toys to a charitable donation center of your choice and donate them.  
    The kids will enjoy knowing that the toys that they have grown out of are going to be enjoyed by someone else because they were willing to share.
image showing 2 kids while they work on easy spring cleaning jobs for kids

Spring Cleaning Jobs for Kids:
Wipe down windowsills and baseboards

Hand your kid a cleaning wipe and let them go to town wiping down the natural surfaces in your houses, such as the window sills and the baseboards.  

These are the places that are easily forgotten in the day-to-day chores, but wiping them down during a Spring cleaning session can brighten the space.  Plus, they should be relatively easy for your child to reach.

Spring Cleaning Jobs for Kids:
Clean under the sofa cushions

It is amazing the kind of stuff that will fall underneath your couch cushions and, let’s face it; it’s just not something we ever think about.  Have your kids toss all of the cushions off of the sofa and get busy cleaning underneath.  This is another job that is good to do in a multi-stage process:

  • Collect any “good” stuff that you find under there.  You may find pens and pencils, small toys, etc.  
  • Give your kids the accessory parts to the vacuum, and then have them suck up the rest! (If your kids are young be prepared for a possible fight over who wants this job).

A good motivator for this job is to let the kids keep any change that they find under the cushions.  I know lots of kids who would consider this “treasure hunting.”

Spring Cleaning Jobs for Kids:
Clean windows

If you are lucky enough to have a local dollar store, purchase the glass cleaning wipes that help make windows a not-so-difficult task.  Hand your kid one of these wipes and have them clean all of the lower windows and mirrors.

If you don’t have a dollar store nearby (I know I don’t) then a vinegar and water solution works well. Simply spray and wipe with paper towels. 

Do you give your kids Spring cleaning duties?  What jobs would you consider having them do?