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Fun Fruits and Vegetables Preschool Theme Week (free pack)

Looking for a fun and great way to add the fruits and vegetables preschool theme to your week? These activities can be adapted for use in your circle time as well.

Today I will be sharing with you the fruits and vegetable activities that I created for my preschooler J. All the activities that I have selected are suitable for young children and definitely works on certain skills such as fine motor skills.

Feel free to check out our other free preschool lesson plans on the site.


Our playful learning activities also include:

  • fine and gross motor activities game, 
  • language ( preschool reading and alphabet),
  • preschool math (counting, patterning, etc.)
  • arts and crafts projects,
  • books we read, 
  • and science and sensory activities when applicable.

There are also suggestions at the end on how you can add even more vegetables themed activities to your lesson.

Fun Fruits and Vegetables Preschool Theme Week
with a free pack

Fruits and Vegetables Preschool Theme Art

Below you will find a list of the items we used to create our various art projects.

  • paper plate
  • plastic fruit
  • different types of fruits and vegetables (such as celery sticks, sweet potato and a variety of fruits)
  • different colors for painting
  • construction paper or cardstock

The first project we created was a ‘fruits and vegetables’ stamping activity on cardstock. My daughter loves to paint at any given chance and she was elated with this activity. It also made me realize that the next time I introduce a new theme, I need to include more active play activities.

She also did a few prints but I allowed her to express herself with the paintbrush as well.

If you have it, feel free to create a fun broccoli painting activity with your younger children. You can also use any other food items on hand.

Fruits and Vegetables stamping for preschool Art

I will also admit, I rather enjoyed the activity as I have NEVER done stamping before. I am quite proud of my ‘stamp-piece’ as well.

Fruits and Vegetables preschool theme  Books to Read

Although I did a Google search for popular preschool books for fruits and vegetables, my local library did not have any of them and I did not want to purchase them unless necessary. Our librarian did give us some alternatives though and we were quite pleased with them.

Don’t forget to use an audiobook or two when you get the chance!

NOTE: My affiliate links are used for these books. Please see my disclosure policy for more details.  

 I Love to Eat Fruits and Vegetables Mrs. Peanuckle’s Fruit Alphabet (Mrs. Peanuckle’s Alphabet Library) 9 Fruits Alive (GodCounts Series) Baby Goes to Market IN THE GARDEN (Green Start) The Vegetables We Eat Mrs. Peanuckle’s Vegetable Alphabet (Mrs. Peanuckle’s Alphabet Library) Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli

Carrot Soup seemed to be J’s favorite book of the week. She loved the fact that I added sound effects for each animal in the book and she kept stating that she sees the missing carrots. It was also a bonus for me as she now believes carrots are tasty and actually asked for carrots at dinner time.

In The Apple Tree’s Discovery, a small apple tree wishes to have stars in his branches just like the oak trees in the forest. He keeps asking God for stars and God kept pointing out all the other wonderful things about the tree such as being able to provide fruit or giving off a beautiful fragrance when the wind blew.

J even ended up asking, “Mommy, where is God?” To this, I replied, “You cannot see Him mama, but He is always there”

These fruits and vegetables preschool theme worksheets are sure to be a hit with your kids. There is even a fruits book list included!

Fruits and Vegetables Preschool Theme Reading

For preschool language skills this week, I created a few different fruits and vegetable-related activities that could be printed and used as file folder games if we choose.

She enjoyed pointing out the new fruits she came across, which is always a good sign that she was interested in the activity.

For the image below, J had to highlight (she loves highlighters) the corresponding case for the letter on the left.

Fruits and Vegetables Preschool Theme Week: preschool reading

This is also the perfect time to use pictures of vegetables and different kinds of fruits to build up your preschooler’s vocabulary.

Fruits and Vegetables Preschool Math

Now that we have addressed the languages skills, it’s time for some Math basic skills. Math went over pretty well with J as she is still in love with numbers. We simply worked on counting as well as color identification.

I asked questions such as, ” What color is the carrot? What color is the lettuce?”

J is still in love with numbers. We simply worked on counting as well as color identification. I asked questions such as, ” What color is the carrot? What color is the lettuce?”

Fruits and Vegetables Fine and Gross Motor Skills

This was my favorite out of all the awesome playful vegetables activities I have mentioned so far. We went bobbing for fresh fruits and vegetables!

Simply choose a group of vegetables or fruits to place in a deep container. I got a pot that we hardly use (J uses it more than we do), grabbed a pair of tongs and a large plate, as well as 4 apples and a large carrot cut into 2.

Normally I would add water, but J was pretty sick this week and I did not want her getting wet and miserable.

Looking for fruits and vegetables activities for your preschool theme? Try a few of these activities

Other Fruits and Vegetables Preschool Theme Activities

1. Vegetable Soup

I had planned for us to make carrot soup but J was far too sick and whiny so we had to scrap that idea, but I am sure that it would be a fun activity to do.

2. Sensory

I had also planned to explore a few fruits and vegetables through smelling, tasting, touching, looking, and hearing (flicking it to hear how hollow it sounds) but when your preschooler is sick, you try to get them to rest as much as possible.

3. Grocery Store

All you need is a play kitchen as well as a toy cash register and some fruits and vegetables. Have fun with your imagination. 

4. Local Farmers’ Market

This is pretty similar to the Grocery Store game

Looking for fruits and vegetables activities for your preschool theme Try a few of these activities

5. Science

You could have your child draw the outline of a vegetable or fruit and have them label it. You can also discuss the different shapes of fruits and vegetables.

6. Water Table

If you have access to a water table, feel free to use either warm water or cold. You can even add a bit of paint to change the color of the water as well.

7. Discuss healthy eating

Be sure to allow your kiddos to tell you what they think the benefits of fruits and vegetables are before you tell them.

8. Start an outdoor garden

If this isn’t an option, feel free to start a small container garden instead.


———>UPDATES: Looking for even more printables

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