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Goldfish Measurement Math Game

Have you ever asked your child how long they think something was or how tall they think you are? Well I have, and my daughter’s responses always crack me up as she has no clue about measurement. This week’s #toolsforlearning challenge is using bite sized snacks and so I am going to teach.

Have your kids work on measurement and guessing with this fun goldfish measurement math game


  • Goldfish snacks
  • objects to measure
  • a piece of paper to write down guessed measurements


Points to note, my son loves Goldfish snacks- he simply cannot get enough of them (I even gave him the whole wheat ones and those are now his favourites).  My daughter on the other hand would rather play with them than eat them. I plan on using their love and hate relationship to teach them how to measure a few common objects around them.



Playing our measurement game is EXTREMELY easy.

  1. Ask your kids or student to pick an object they want to measure.
  2. Before they measure, ask them to guess how many goldfishes long it will be.You may want to write it down to see how crazy of a number that say.
  3. Have them measure the object to see if they were correct. Remind them that they start at the top of the object all the way to the bottom and each fish has to touch the other one.
  4. Whoever was closest in number or chose the right number wins the game.

Have your kids work on measurement and guessing with this fun goldfish measurement math game


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Niki - Play & Learn Every Day

Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Such a fantastic idea! Definitely trying this with my kids!