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Have You Heard of LLL Busy Boxes?


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Which parent of a preschooler or kindergartner has never heard of busy bags, quiet books and other busy activities for our little ones? We want hands on activities to increase our children’s fine motor skills and help them to further learn through play. So what do we do?

  1. Go immediately to Google and search: busy bags/ activities to keep my toddler busy
  2. Pinterest! Need I say more? We pin every single activity that seems diy worthy (but never make them or our attempts seem to fail miserably- I am sure I am not the only one in that category)
  3. Go straight to Etsy and search for these items because you realize that you were never that crafty to begin with and no, you are not a friend with a sewing machine.

Well today I found my perfect solution. I, Alecia, being of little or no crafting skills promise to no longer attempt to recreate certain activities that end up being dumped because they look NOTHING like the Pinterest image. What is it called? Little Learning Lovies Busy Boxes.

These boxes are designed for the ‘crafting -inept’ or even those mamas who do not have the extra time to make them, let alone shower (you know what I am talking about).  EVERYTHING (yes everything) is included in this box for hours of fun to keep them busy.  Each box has 2 or more activities and addresses some of the following:

  • fine motor skills
  • shapes
  • colours
  • numbers
  • letters
  • phonics

and the prices range from $25 -$100 and you choose what you want. A puppet kit is also included for free along with some extra $$$ for downloads that can be purchased immediately.

One thing to note is that Busy Boxes are currently in their pre-order stage, so order yours now and they will let you know once it ships. And, yes, I have already ordered mine (crafting- inept, remember?).