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Holy Week Easter Activities and Ideas To Try

Are you looking for Holy Week Easter Activities and Ideas to try with your kids this year? I have a confession to make and I am not proud of it. Every year when Easter comes around, I kick myself for not creating something that engages my kids and shares my Christian faith.

I am one of those parents who believes that it is my responsibility to saturate my kids with the Word of God. That means that missed opportunities really weigh on my heart.  This year, however, is different and I want to share with you what we are doing for Holy Week. 

Looking for a way to help your kids reflect on Easter Week/ Holy Week? The Holy Week Easter Pack is designed to help busy families and their kids. #holyweekactivitiesforkids #holyweekideas #holyweekfreeprintables

With the help of my husband (who happens to be our pastor), I created a Holy Week Easter Pack to use with my kids. Now don’t get me wrong, the Holy Week Easter Pack is for both kids and their parents. Here’s why:

  • It allows me to be in the Word of God daily as I am the one reading the daily passages aloud to my kids.
  • This pack holds me accountable because there are daily activities for my kids.
  • It gives me the opportunity to talk about the significance of Easter with my kids.

What’s Inside the Holy Week Easter Pack

Life is pretty busy! Just the thought of adding something extra can cause anyone to have a panic attack. This is why the Easter Pack is designed to be simple, short, and meaningful.

The Holy Week Easter Pack includes:

  • A list of materials needed as well as books that can be read
  • Some background info about the particular day of the week you are on
  • Daily Bible passages to be read aloud to your kids
  • 2 to 3 activities created to help your kids understand the daily Bible passage that were read (coloring pages, maps, etc)

How Our Family Will Be Using The Easter Pack

My plans for using the Holy Week Easter Pack are simple: 

  1. Read the Bible passage aloud to my kids as soon as breakfast is done. Ask questions along the way to see if they are paying attention. This will replace whatever read-aloud we are working on during that week.
  2. Have them work on the coloring pages (I slip them into a protective sheet so they can be reused) with their dry-erase crayons while I am reading the passage.
  3. Have them work on at least one activity designated for that day.