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Horizontal and Vertical Lines Part 2

Horizontal And Vertical Lines pt 2

Today’s post is called Horizontal and Vertical Lines Part 2 and we will be continuing our  exploration with horizontal and vertical lines . Last week we looked at 3 activities that were either fine motor or gross motor based. Let’s walk.


Aim: To expose preschoolers to horizontal and vertical lines in their surroundings.



1) Tracing Horizontal Lines
This activity is listed on page 13 of Basic Shapes for Beginners.

Basic Shapes for Beginners ebook

2) Walk the Toy
Simply add a few strips of painter’s tape (or any tape for that matter as long as it is coloured) to the floor. Choose a toy and walk the toy along the tape.  Have fun !

NOTE: Focus on walking toy in a straight line


3) Spaghetti Trouble

spaghetti trouble
a) You will need 2 raw spaghetti noodles broken into 2 or 3 pieces as well as a few Cheerios (or other similar shaped cereal) and something to secure the noodles

b) Demonstrate what should be done to your preschooler. We are trying to put the cereal over the spaghetti

c) Eat cereal when done.

Next Wednesday, we will look at LACING. Thanks for walking with me.

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