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5 Guaranteed Tips on How to Survive Being a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is hard work.  Anyone, who says otherwise is either delusional or not human. You have to keep your kids alive, maintain a clean home, and have it all together, right? 

Don’t get me wrong; I am thankful that I can stay home with my kids and even homeschool them. The one thing that other moms don’t tell you, however, is that its a bit of a struggle and you can have a few road bumps.  

I am going to spare you the surprises by giving you five guaranteed ways on how to survive being a stay at a home mom.

5 Guaranteed Tips on How to Survive Being a Stay at Home Mom

Survive Being a Stay at Home Mom Tip # 1: Take care of you

The issue that most moms face in their day to day is that the focus is always on the kids and not ourselves.  Of course, we need to be taking care of our children, but our personal mental and physical health depend on how well we take care of ourselves as well.  If you fail to take care of yourself and take time for yourself, you will fail at staying happy as a stay at home mom.


Survive Being a Stay at Home Mom Tip #2: Learn to Ask for Help

Taking care of the children and the home is a lot of work.  Many stay- at- home moms tend to take sole responsibility for all of the household duties.  Don’t be this type of mom.  Ask for help, assign chores for the kids and you will find that it is much easier to maintain.


Survive Being a Stay at Home Mom Tip # 3: Socialize

If you never socialize with anyone but the kids, you will drive yourself crazy.  It is imperative that you socialize with friends and family at least occasionally.  Sometimes this socialization can come with playdates that are set up for the kids.  

Some of the greatest friendships have come because of moms meeting up with the moms of other kids.  One of the best secret bonuses to parenthood is the friends that come along with it.

Feeling overwhelmed? Doubtful about whether you can survive being a stay at home mom? Try these 5 tips now- I guarantee they will help.

Survive Being a Stay at Home Mom Tip #4: Be OK with not being perfect

No one is perfect.  NO ONE.  I know you probably want your house to be spotless, the laundry to be done and your kids to never have messy hair or food on their faces, but you know what?  That’s just not always possible.  If you don’t learn to be okay with that, it is hard to be a happy momma.


Survive Being a Stay at Home Mom Tip #5: Plan and prepare

Just like with anything else, planning can improve your life as a stay at home mom.  Spend a small amount of time during the week to set aside a plan for your week (schedules, meals, appointments, etc.) can save a tremendous amount of time.



What survival tips would you add to this list?