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50+ Ice Cream Activities for Preschool Kids

It’s time to pick your favorite ice cream activities for preschool out of this awesome list. Real ice cream on its own is such a fun and tasty treat. Naturally, this makes it a super awesome summer theme for preschoolers.

I even recently learned that July is national ice cream month. The perfect excuse to have your favorite ice cream flavors.

So keep reading so you can pick what ice-cream activity or ice cream printables you would love to use in your themed activities.

sample pages from ice cream activities for preschool with image of ice cream sandwich

Before I simply give you a huge list of ice cream theme activities, it only makes sense that I let you know what skills are addressed so you can choose wisely when you create your little ones’ playful learning activities.

50+ Ice Cream Activities for Preschool

Ice Cream Printables

Whether you are looking for a printable or two to use in your pretend ice cream shop, or perhaps you are looking for a few other ways to improve fine motor skills besides scooping and tweezing, then try any of these printable activities listed below. They are perfect for preschool teachers to use in literacy centers and pretend play, and some have been used in a local library.

Also, don’t forget that most of the ice cream worksheets are perfect for kids of all ages.

In the list below you will find ice cream printables that allow your young children to learn lowercase letters, and improve math skills such as number recognition, color matching, and even simple addition.

1. Ice Cream Printable Pack

This fun-filled printable packet helps your young learners work on letter recognition, and improve fine motor skills through the help of lacing cards, just to name a few of the skills covered.

free ice cream worksheets with blue background

Free Ice Cream Worksheets

2. Cut and Paste Ice Cream Subtraction Worksheets

Help your young learners work on simple subtraction with these hands-on sheets.

Your kids will enjoy these free printable ice cream kindergarten subtraction worksheets

Subtraction Worksheets

3. Addition Cut and Paste Worksheets

While you are working on subtraction, why not do a bit of addition?

Ice Cream Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten that your kids are sure to enjoy.

Addition Ice Cream Worksheets

4. Ice Cream Number Writing Worksheets

Practice number writing with these free ice cream worksheets.

Can your kindergarten student write the numbers 1-30? No sweat, these numbers kindergaten worksheets will help plus they will love the ice cream theme as well.

Free Number Writing Worksheets

5. Ice Cream Alphabet Writing

Work on writing the letters of the alphabet with these free alphabet ice cream worksheets.

Looking for fun ways to work on writing the letters of the alphabet? These ice cream alphabet kindergarten worksheets should help.

Alphabet Ice Cream Worksheets

6. Ice Cream Cut and Paste Pattern Identification

Allow your preschooler to work on simple patterns with these cut-and-paste worksheets.

Kindergarten is such a fun stage with all its activities and kindergarten worksheets. Try these fun ice cream patterns worksheets for kindergarten.

Ice Cream Patterns Worksheets

7. Ice Cream Positional Words Sheets

Ice Cream Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten that your kids are sure to enjoy.

Positional Words Worksheets

8. Ice Cream Vocabulary Words Worksheets

Enjoy these Ice cream writing worksheets for kindergarten.

Ice Cream Vocabulary Worksheets

9. Ice Cream Emergent Readers from In All You Do

10. Free Ice Cream Pre-K Learning Pack from Year Round Homeschooling

11. Ice Cream Letter Recognition Game from Simple Every Day Mom

12. Ice Cream Math Task Cards from Preschool Play and Learn

13. Free Ice Cream Preschool Pack from Blessed Beyond a Doubt

14. Ice Cream Coloring Book from Real Life at Home

15. Free Ice Cream Scoops Counting from School Time Snippets

16. Ice Cream Scoops Name Printable from Parenting Chaos

17. Short and Long Vowel Ice Cream Sorting from This Reading Mama

18. Ice Cream I Spy Game from Gift of Curiosity

19. Ice Cream Do a Dot Printables from Tot Schooling

20. Ice Cream Name Recognition from A Dab of Glue Will Do

21. Ice Cream Color Identification Game from STEAMsational

22. Ice Cream Math Games from Activity Mom

Sensory Ice Cream Activities for Preschool

I love a great sensory activity and a sensory bin is such a great way to achieve this. A good sensory activity not only engages the senses but it facilitates learning in a super fun way. If you are looking for ideas for sensory bin bases, be sure to check out Simple Sensory Bin Bases.

A few fun items to use in an ice cream sensory bin are:

  • semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • ball pit balls
  • little ice cream cones erasers
  • tissue paper
  • red pom poms (or any color really)

Below you will find a list of sensory ice cream activities for preschool and kindergarten kiddos. As I said before, sensory play is super important for little learners.

23. Ice Cream Foam Playset from And Next Comes L

24. Ice Cream Toppings Sensory Bin from Modern Preschool

25. Sensory Play Shaving Cream Ice Cream from JDaniel’s4 Mom

26. Sponge Painting Ice Cream Cones from Fantastic Fun and Learning

27. Ice Cream Counting Playdough Mats from Modern Preschool

28. 5 Senses Ice Cream Taste Test from No Time for Flash Cards

29. Puffy Ice Cream Cones from Teach Preschool

30. Ice Cream Shop Small World from The Kindergarten Connection

31. Ice Cream Excavation Dig from Laly Mom

Science Ice Cream Activities for Preschoolers

Want to add an ice cream activity your kids will never forget? Then allow them to create homemade ice cream. It’s a super simple activity that just needs a few simple ingredients. A few of the ingredients needed are a large bag that can be sealed, large bowls, and whipped cream to top it off. Check out the posts below on how to create this treat.

32. Tin Can Ice Cream from Hess Unacademy

33. Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag from In the Kids Kitchen (this version has a simple video to follow)

34. How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

35. Ice Cream in a Bag from Recipe Critic

36. Or if you are brave enough, try this S’more Ice Cream recipe!

37. Ice Cream Science and Relay Game from The Preschool Toolbox

38. Favorite Flavors Graphing from Teach Preschool

Other Ice Cream Activities

Okay so are you still looking for more ice cream activities for your end of the school year lesson plan or a summer plan? Then I’ve got you covered.

39. Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun

40. Make ice cream sundaes or these Healthy Ice Cream Sandwiches from Whipper Berry

41. Ice Cream Dramatic Play

Create a dramatic play area and include common supplies such as cotton balls for ice cream, scooping spoons, and fudge sticks. If you have zero fudge sticks then use whatever little sticks you can find.

42. No Prep Ice Cream Shop

43. Handprint Held Ice Cream Cone Craft from Our Kid Things

44. Pretend Play Ice Cream Toppings from Pre-K Pages

45. Ice Cream Playdough from Team Cartwright

46. ABC Ice Cream Gross Motor Game from Coffee Cups and Crayons

47. Ice Cream Corner Bookmarks from Red Ted Art

48. A Should I Share My Ice Cream maze from JDaniel’s4 Mom

49. Ice Cream Songs and Poems can be found at the end of the post from Child Fun

50. Fork Painting Ice Cream Craft from The OT Toolbox

51. Ice Cream Coloring Pages from Itsy Bitsy Fun

52. Cotton Ball Ice Cream Craft from Toddler At Play

53. Share the Ice Cream (Sharing Activity) from Sunny Day Farm

54. Counting Coins from Create Your Homeschool

Fun Ice Cream Worksheets For Preschoolers

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