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J School Week in Review June 9-13

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Another week has come and gone- man that was fast. J School was a little inconsistent this week because Mommy was a little busy, but J was a trooper to the very end.

What we did

Our Before Five In A Row book of the week was Caps for Sale. We also had a chance to review a new book before it is released. It is called Charlie the Cavalier Begs For Attention.

J definitely enjoyed reading about Charlie so much that poor Mommy had to read it at least 5 times. She enjoyed singing the ABC’s, she felt sad that sometimes loved ones had to leave and she thought it was hilarious that Charlie could whistle. There is also a puppet that can be printed, but like i said Mommy was very busy this week.
Charlie the Cavalier Caps for Sale








For Caps for sale, we did a few printables courtesy of Homeschool Share.

We wore hats while rowing and we also did some fine motor skills by stacking Cheerios on spaghettini. Like a true 2 year old, J could not resist eating the Cheerios when we were done.

We practiced Math by singing about the 5 little monkeys as well as ‘doing Mr Demme’ (J’s way of saying Math U See Primer- I think her version is funnier, don’t you?)

We also did Lessons 3 and 4 of All About Reading Pre Reading. (We do this mainly for review as J already knows her letters and is already starting to read)

All in all, we had a great week. How did your week go?


J wearing her cap for Caps for Sale


J stacking ‘caps’

5 Little Monkeys

5 Little Monkeys
courtesy of Homeschool Share


Shared with Weekly Wrap Up Frugal Homeschool Family,  Show and Share Saturday