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Kindergarten Math Activities: Pattern Magnets Craft

Great kindergarten activities incorporate learning into the fun, as does this pretty craft. It’s easy and open-ended and the possibilities are endless.

 Looking for a few fun kindergarten activities? Why not make a few magnets with your kids?

Supplies you need:

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How to make the magnets:

Putting the magnets together is simple.

1. Lay out your design.

2. Glue the beads together, side by side.

3. Once the beads are dry, glue the magnets to the back (an adult should do this if you are using small and strong magnets).


Looking for a few fun kindergarten activities? Why not make a few magnets with your kids?

Kindergarten math activities with this craft:


  • Follow along with the printable patterns! Count the amount of beads in a row, and create your masterpiece accordingly. How many of each color are there? How many beads are there in all?
  • Plan your own patterns. If you want one row to be smaller, you’ll need to put one less. Add two to make it much bigger. Which kind of pattern will your child put together?
  • Work one row at a time, and then put the design together. Start with the top row so that it’s easier to grasp for the child. Once you have all the individual rows assembled, the child can then put them together to form the picture.

You can also use these pattern magnets to learn to write! Can you form letters with the beads? Once you’re done, you can even make words with the finished magnets. Start with the letters of the child’s name.


There are so any possibilities for this fun, simple magnet craft! From kindergarten math activities, to creative stimulation, they are a great way to teach and involve. What do you plan to do with it?


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