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Wee Skool Wednesdays: Lacing

Wee Skool Wednesdays

Welcome to Wee Skool Wednesdays where I focus on fine and gross motor development in preschoolers. We have looked at a few activities with horizontal and vertical lines. J’s favourite to date is still Walking the Plank. Today we will be exploring lacing.


Aim:  To expose preschoolers to the skill of lacing.



1) Lacing Simple Shapes

a) Print these Basic Shapes Lacing Card on to cardstock
b) Cut out the shapes and use a hole punch to make holes in the shape
c) Provide either a lace or a piece of yarn with the edge wrapped in tape (makes lacing easier) and demonstrate using these words,
” In and out,
In through the hole and out again”
d) Give to preschooler and congratulate for trying.


2) TP Chain

a) Grab a paper towel roll (you should have a few of these lying around somewhere. If not, start a stash)
b) Cut roll into smaller pieces and allow your preschooler to decorate them.
c) Provide yarn with the end taped up and allow them to lace the pieces together.
d) Be the fashionista you always wanted to be and wear those chains with attitude!


3) Sock Ball
All you need for this game is a few pairs of socks and a basket or box.

a) Roll sock up into a ball.
b) Throw socks into basket. (Do make it seem a little challenging and be silly as well, it helps)
c) Now its your preschooler’s turn.
Take turns and change the distances from the basket. Work on your jumpshot!

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