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Letter D Printables- Free Worksheets

Looking for some letter d printables that are also a great way to work on a few things such as fine motor skills. Then you are in luck.

These free letter d worksheets are sure to be a hit with younger children as they work on their lowercase letters as well as their uppercase letters.

image of free letter d pintables with dog and sample pages

These fun worksheets are also great for kindergarten children and can also be used as a supplement to your letter of the week learning.

Keep reading for all the great ideas you can use with the fourth letter of the alphabet.

Before I forget, be sure to check out our free letter printables page which has even more fun resources.

Inside the Letter D Printables

Inside all the printable packs you will find printable activities that are geared toward a few needed skills such as pencil grasp development and fine motor.

image of free letter d printables with daisy and dolphin images

Letter D Tracing Worksheets

Your young children will be able to work on their tracing skills with our free printable worksheets. You can choose to have the use it.

I also have a few tips below for how to extend your lessons.

sample of letter d tracing pages

Letter D Printables- Do a Dot Pages

Have your child use a dot marker to complete these sheets. You can also have them use different colors if they choose.

Letter D Fill Pages

Your kindergarten students and preschoolers can choose to fill this letter d recognition worksheet with stickers, cereal- whatever their heart desires.

letter d fill pages sample

Alphabet Activities Tips

Feel free to use magnetic letters to help your kids to get a tactile experience.

You can also have them follow the dotted lines with their fingers to have a better feel for the formation of the letter and to help with eye coordination.

free letter d printables image of macaroons in shape of letter d

Instead of having your child trace the lower case d and uppercase d with a pencil, have them try different materials such as painting with their fingers, or markers as well as painting.

The dot marker pages can be used with counters or your child can simply finger paint each dot.

If you are looking for coloring pages then be sure to check out our Letter D Coloring page. This free worksheet has a few letter d words so that your kids can be further exposed to the letter sounds.

Feel free to make vocabulary cards on construction paper. You can even have your child practice the letter d and draw a picture.

If you are looking for a letter craft idea, try any of these animal crafts from Easy Peasy and Fun.