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Free Letter K Preschool Worksheets

Looking for some free letter k preschool worksheets to help your younger children? These practice sheets are ones that I created for my daughter to help her work on her letter identification. They were also designed to help her work on her writing skills as well as her fine motor skills.

image of kangaroo on letter k preschool worksheets

Even though the word preschool is in the title of this set of printable letter k worksheets, kindergarten children can easily use them. They can also be easily used in a classroom setting or at a daycare with both young children and older children.

If you are looking for a supplement while you introduce letter sounds, these free printable pdfs fit the bill.

What’s Inside the Preschool Letter K Worksheets?

All of the letter printable worksheets on this site aim to help young learners practice letter recognition skills in a fun way.

This includes our letter k preschool worksheets. Keep reading to see what’s included in this set.

Tracing Letter Worksheets

Our letter k tracing worksheets allow your little learner to practice writing lowercase letter k as well as uppercase k.

Dot Pages

There are 2 pages included in all of our free letter printable activities. One page for lowercase letters and another for the uppercase letters.

If you do not have any dot markers on hand, feel free to check out the tips below.

Fill the Letter

This is one of those educational activities that allow your preschooler to decorate the lower-case k and its uppercase. They can use stickers, cereal, stamps- whatever they desire.

Tips for our Letter K Activities

cookie in shape of k for free letter k preschool worksheets

If you are using any of our free printables aimed at learning a letter of the week, then be sure to include a few fun crafts.

Feel free to add a few letter k words while working through these letter k preschool worksheets

If you are looking for coloring pages, then check out this page with all of our coloring pages.

kangaroo and koala on letter k preschool worksheets

An alternative to dot markers is using counters on the dotting sheets included in the letter k preschool worksheets. Your student can also finger paint each dot as well as stamp them.

Have your child slowly connect each of the dotted lines while tracing so that they get the correct rhythm down.

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