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Free Letter P Worksheets for Kids

These free letter p worksheets are a huge hit with younger children. If you’ve been looking for a fun way to work on letter recognition then you need to give this printable letter p worksheet a try.

These letter worksheets have helped my daughter to gain more confidence in writing her lowercase letters as well as improving her fine motor skills. If at any time you would like to grab the other alphabet worksheets included in our 10-day series, simply click Free Letter Printables Your Kids Will Love.

image of cookies in the shap eof a p for free letter p worksheets

Did you know that this printable alphabet worksheet can be used in a kindergarten class setting as well? They can also be used to supplement any letter of the week curriculum.

What’s Inside the Free Letter P Worksheets

New to our letter worksheets? Our letter p worksheet includes the following skills and pages.

Do dot pages

There are 2 pages for young learners to use their dot markers. There is 1 page for capital letter p and another for lowercase p.

image of letter p worksheets dot pages sample

Tracing Letter Worksheets

Included in the letter p tracing worksheets are dotted lines for your child to trace. There are also blank practice pages for your child to uppercase p and lower case p without help.

lett erp tracing worksheets sample

Fill The Letter

This part of the free printable worksheet is always a big hit. It’s a great way for kids to fill the letters Pp with stickers, cereal- whatever your preschooler’s heart desires.)

Popular Items Needed for the Letter P Worksheet

Below you will find a list of all the common supplies needed for the free letter o worksheets for preschool. This list also includes supplies that are great to have on hand for any educational activities for young children and kindergarten students.

Please note that an affiliate link or two is used below for your convenience.

image of parrot and penguin beside sample of letter p worksheets

Dot Markers

These will be used on the dot pages provided in the letter m printable pack. I have linked a set of washable dot markers for your convenience.

Coloring Supplies

Crayons, washable markers, washable paint, and more.

Ring Binder

A ring binder is very helpful with keeping all the printable activities your young learner will complete. You can even keep a separate binder for all the other printable worksheet sets that you have yet to complete with your young learner.

image of penguins beside sample of letter p worksheets

Letter P Worksheets Tips

Feel free to introduce some cursive letter p worksheets. These sheets from K5 Learning should help.

Improve your young readers’ vocabulary by listing out all the letter p words that they may know. You can easily create matching images to the words given.

Have a letter hunt of all the things that begin with the letter p.

Ready to grab the free letter p worksheets pdf? Then click the orange download button below to get it now.