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Mega Packs for Kids

A couple years ago I started creating printable for my growing family. We decided to homeschool our children and I found they really loved having worksheets to guide their learning. So off I went! Creating worksheets in every theme that came to mind!

Did you know that printables can also help develop a variety of skills? No, I am serious. Some of these are:

  • hand eye co-ordination
  • 1 to 1 correspondence
  • fine motor skills (think lacing cards and tracing lines)
  • counting
  • positional words

Quite frankly, as a homeschooling teacher, I believe that having access to worksheets is a fantastic resource. Not only can worksheets be themed so that you can use them in whatever theme you are doing, they are so easy to duplicate for the number of students that need them. Take them to your next homeschool co-op or make duplicates for all the children in your home.

I am thrilled to share the same printables I use in my own homeschool with you! Many of them are free! BUT some worksheets packs are put together for your connivence. Homeschool parents are SO busy and I wanted a quick way for them to get the worksheets their kids love quick to start fun learning in their home faster. Mega Packs were born!

I hope by collecting all of our wonderful Mega Packs on one page you can explore and fine what works best for your homeschool and family!

Looking for a complete pack for our kindergarten worksheets or preschool worksheets? Mega packs are what you need.

Below are links to the Mega Packs for kids that are available on Learning 2 Walk. Click an image to be taken directly to the description related to each pack.

Learning 2 Walk Mega Packs

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