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Monster Truck Spelling Practice

My daughter loves spelling words on her dry erase easel without being prompted. Actually, I have never given her an official spelling lesson in kindergarten but I do love to follow her lead. Recently, she tried spelling words such as ‘brother’ and ‘clock’ and even the dreaded ‘spider’ but I wanted to make her spelling experience even better. So I created her first ever Monster Truck Spelling Practice.

I love finding and creating fun spelling games and spelling activities for my daughter to practice. This Monster Truck Spelling Practice definitely fit the bill.

Spelling, like any subject, can be fun if handled correctly. If J sees me dreading a subject (such as when she was learning long vowels), she responds likewise. Now that I have realized the effect that I have on my daughter’s learning, I am TRYING to do better. As a result, I searched through both her toys as well as C’s and created our spelling game.


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To play this game you will need:

 Hot Wheels Monster Jam Tour Favorites – Styles May Vary Crayola; Washable Kids’ Paint; Art Tools; Neon Colors; 10 ct. of 2 oz. Bottles; 10 Different Bright, Bold Colors HP Paper, Multipurpose Ultra White Poly Wrap, 20lb, 8.5×11, Letter, 96 Bright, 2500 Sheets / 5 Ream Case (212500C), Made In The USA



  • Words that you want to practice on a piece of paper

Monster truck spelling practice is a guaranteed fun way to practice spelling words

J spelled the word ‘top’ in the picture above

FIRST give your child a monster truck of their choice.

SECOND explain to your child that they will be using the trucks to spell the words that you will say.

THIRD place some paint in a dish so that the truck’s wheels can be dipped in it.

FOURTH, call out a word and let them play!!

You can practice simple CVC words or even words with consonant blends. Just ensure that you are not making the exercise too easy or too hard- you want to make it just right.

For a quick clean up, I simply used warm soapy water as well as a toothbrush to get the extra green paint out of the grooves of the tires.

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