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Our Kindergarten Goals

Can you believe it? My daughter started kindergarten on July 7th and we have already finished one term! She is so proud of being in kindergarten that she goes around telling anyone who will lite. I recently shared about the importance of setting goals for kindergarten and so today I will share our kindergarten goals with you as well as provide a bonus for all my subscribers to create your own goals for preschool or kindergarten.

Goals are an important part of homeschool organization. Here are our kindergarten goals as well as 4 free printable goal tracking worksheets

Kindergarten Goal #1: Math

Kindergarten Math has so many topics and subtopics but I simply chose the basics and then searched for curricula that would handle the rest. If you are curious about the curricula we chose, I will be sharing it later.


  • Count to 100
  • One to One Correspondence
  • Simple Addition and Subtraction
  • Currency
  • Time

Kindergarten Goal #2: Language Arts

This is the subject that I feared and with good reason- I have never taught a child to read. To prepare me for this scary yet rewarding task, I searched high and low for a proper curriculum to ensure that I left no stone unturned. The curricula we chose has lived up to its reputation and beyond as my daughter loves trying to decode everything she sees.


  • Learn all the basic sounds of the letters
  • Learn to read CVC’s
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Write the letters of the alphabet and eventually words
  • Love the written word

Kindergarten Goal #3: Art

My daughter loves art in its various forms: painting, dancing, music. I am not the most talented artist and so I am currently seeking a curriculum to cover that as I do want to cater to her passions as well.


  • Learn the basics of art
  • Exposure to the many works of art: museums, books
  • Have a portfolio

Kindergarten Goal #4: Respect and Independence

Sure this may not be an academic goal but who says that all my goals have to be academic? This goal is for both J and C- I want both my kids to be respectful as well as independent within their own capacities.


  • The basics: Please, Thank You and Excuse Me
  • Handle morning routine on their own
  • Handle most of the bedtime routine


Now that you know my goals, I have a surprise for all my awesome followers (and if you haven’t subscribed, you really should).

I am offering you our goal tracking sheet with 4 different theme dinosaurs, back to school, farm animals, and zoo animals.


Tuesday 11th of August 2015

Your goals for this year mirror mine almost exactly for my son. I am going to being doing skip counting and tangrams for spatial reasoning. We are also going to be doing some more cooking to practice measuring and to study the science of cooking as well. Love the dinosaur printables, dinos are always a hit with Boober.


Tuesday 11th of August 2015

What are tanagrams? I must Google!