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Playful Preschool Virtual Homeschool Review and Giveaway

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with planning for your preschoolers education? How about feeling guilty that you may be too laid back about it? Well today I have a solution that you may actually enjoy. I was given the opportunity to review Playful Preschool’s Virtual Preschool Homeschool and I am so excited about it that I have to share. Why am I excited? One reason is that I am able to have someone else do the bulk on the planning and two, I know that Amanda from Playful Preschool is far more experienced than I am.

playful preschool virtual homeschool

What is Playful Preschool Virtual Homeschool Group?

Playful Preschool is a virtual homeschool group that provides all the tools necessary to plan your preschoolers learning. They also provide troubleshooting and advice (for example: my preschooler refuses to do the specified activity, what do I do?)

Weekly teaching videos are also provided that you will watch with your preschooler as well as weekly discussion questions. It truly is a virtual homeschool support group for parents of preschoolers who are interested in enriching their children’s lives.

What We Have Done So Far

At the beginning of the school year, Amanda provided a beginning of the year self portrait that your preschooler can use. Your preschooler is encouraged to draw and use three words to describe themselves.

Another document provided for us to use was a preschool circle time journal. This document encourages your preschooler to write their name, tell choose the day of the week as well as work on their counting skills and a few other things.

The one feature that I truly loved and will continue to use in homeschooling J for preschool is the preschool assessment pack. This 21 page document came with an observation recording sheet, early reading skills checklist as well as data recording sheets for letters and numbers. I absolutely love it. Yes I know that I stated that already but once I saw it, I had to print it immediately and place it in J’s preschool binder.


And now for more good news, Amanda has agreed that I can giveaway 1 membership to Playful Preschool Virtual Homeschool Group.