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Invitation To Play: Rainbow

With St Patrick’s Day near, rainbows seem to be the talk of the town. Sure we may be buried under a ton of snow here in Canada but I am going to look at the bright side… Spring preschool activities and rainbows are near. Today I will share with you J’s quick and easy rainbow invitation.

Rainbows are the talk of the town right now so I created a rainbow preschool activity for her.

First of all let me say, I am not a crafter. I think of all these grand ideas and when I try them they are horrid- so I spare myself  (and your eyes) the embarrassment. J’s basket to explore was so simple and easy and she loved it. I filled it wit so many things that she already plays with and a few stories will be read while she plays. C simply preferes to play with certain items of the basket. Okay I guess I should stop talking and start showing.


What’s Inside our Rainbow Basket?

Rainbows are the talk of the town right now so I created a rainbow preschool activity for her.

1) German colour cards. J is learning German (she has little lessons with her dad daily and they have mini conversations as well) I figured she already knows the colours in English, why not add another factor! So instead of ROY G BIV (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet) we now have ROG G BIV (Rot Orange Gelb Grun Blau Indigo Violette).

Rainbows are the talk of the town right now so I created a rainbow preschool activity for her.

2) Playdough

I included playdough with all the colours of the rainbow as well as her playdough tools.

3) Xylophone

This was an old xylophone that she rarely played with however it was a hit with C.

4) Stories

I read a few stories from a book J’s oma (Dutch for Grandma) gave her. It is called The 2oth Century Children’s Book Treasury and it is awesome. It has a ton of classics such as Madeline, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and J’s favourite to date: Good Night Moon.

If you do not have it, I encourage you to do so- it has so many stories and it is separated into 3 levels. The story we loved was Freight Train. There was one picture in particular that made the cars resemble a rainbow. Love it. It is simple and your preschooler can learn and reinforce their colour knowledge.

If you are looking for other rainbow ideas (including crafty ones), check these out:

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Thanks for walking with me.


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