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K is for Kicking

I have said before that I live in Northern Ontario where winter comes early and leaves late. Today I will be sharing with you a winter preschool activity that we did recently plus its a gross motor activity as well. What does that mean? It means it gets your preschooler’s whole body moving. Let’s walk.

preschool activities- k is for kicking vertical

K is for Kicking is a part of the Gross Motor Skills Activities from A-Z  series that can be found on Still Playing School. This activity is extremely easy to put together and I am sure will bring a ton of squeals and shrieks and laughter.

What You Need

  • Balloons
  • Markers


Take 3-26 balloons depending on how many letters of the alphabet your preschooler knows.

Write one letter of the alphabet on each balloon. Keep in mind you do not have to do A-E. You can choose any combination of letters to focus on.

Place the balloons in a  straight line across the room side by side.

preschool activities- k is for kicking- balloons lined up

Call your preschooler over if they were not already looking at you or asking, “What are you doing?”


The Fun Begins

Once your preschooler is beside you let them know that you will be playing a game. Not just any game but a game where you can kick stuff.

preschool activities- k is for kicking

Also let them know the rules. The rules are fairly simple:

  • Parent/ Guardian calls out 1 letter
  • Preschooler runs up and kicks the balloon with the correct letter.

Yes, it is that simple. You can start out with just 3 balloons and if you really want to work on those letters, add as many as they can handle.

You can say the letters as fast as your preschooler can kick. You can say it slow and tell them to kick the balloon slowly. Let your imagination run wild.

If you want to get a few more gross motor activities, simply follow my Fine and Gross Motor Skills Pinterest board.




Wednesday 21st of January 2015

This is awesome, we're doing it this week - have the package of balloons right in front of me.


Tuesday 13th of January 2015

Omgoodness! I love it and I can't wait to play it tomorrow.