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Preschool Construction Paper Games

You may think that I’m a little crazy BUT I love the preschool age!  Everything about them says “explore, fun, exciting!”  Although my kids are almost all grown, I still have grandkids that I get to play with and you know what?!  Preschool age children just want a little attention. 

It really take so little to entertain this age and my creative mind just loooves to make up Preschool Games!  I also love to make Printable Lunch Box love notes and Bible Verses to personalize for the little bit older crew!

Preschool Construction Paper Games

When we had our younger crew we decided that I would be a stay at home Mom.  Our income was very limited (I’m sure you can relate) so I would just make up fun learning games for my little pre school age kiddo’s for homeschooling.  One of them were these super easy and adaptable Construction Paper Games.

Here are some of the ways that we used to use simple construction paper to set up learning games while saving tons of money!

  • Musical Colors – I would set out different colors of construction paper on the floor.  I would then have a little radio I would play and when I stopped the music, my little’s would name what color paper they landed on.
  • Musical Numbers – Same as above but I would put dots on some papers and a number that would correspond on another paper and when the music stopped, it was time to count the dots and find the number that matched. (or visa versa)
  • Musical Moves – Similar again but this time have some fun little instructions on each one.  Like jump up and down on one foot, twirl around 2 times…etc.
  • Musical Animals – Play music and when music stops, have child act out which animal you have on your paper. 
  • Cut out tons of magazine pictures and let the kiddo’s glue all of their favorites onto the construction paper.  Have lot’s of different kinds of pictures: like pictures of other kids, different kinds of food, different activities, different sports etc.  You will learn a lot about your child with this kind of activity. 

I could really go on and on..but you get the picture Mom!  Let YOUR imagination go crazy with a little construction paper!

What simple ideas do you have for construction paper?

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Friday 24th of October 2014

Great post from Shari Lynn. I like the ideas you shared. Musical colors is my favorite. Pinning and sharing out.