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Preschool Lesson Plan: Transportation- Cars

Our preschool lesson plan last week focused on transportation and in particular, cars. J seems to have a deep love for cars. She asks about the different parts of the car, she asks about their functions and then goes on to play them out and talk about them to C, her little brother. Here is a look at what we did last week.

Preschool Lesson Plan Transportation- Cars

Preschool Lesson Plan: Transportation Math

We focused on a few things this week. First up was puzzles. I created a car puzzle for her to piece together and she took to it quite well.

We also worked on number recognition in a fun way. To do this I created car themed number cards and placed them on the table. I then gave her a toy car and told her the following:

Mommy is going to say the number and you are going to find the number and put your car on it”

She LOVED it! I will definitely use this game next week for our preschool lesson plan.

preschool lesson plan transportation (cars) math

Preschool Lesson Plan: Transportation Science

Remember that I said that J is passionate about cars? Well it only made sense that I taught her about the parts of a car. I grabbed her 1965 Model car and we worked on the different parts. To ensure that she knew was understanding, the next day I asked her to show me the same parts on her ‘Yellow Racer’.


Preschool Lesson Plan: Transportation Writing

I am currently teaching J how to write her lower case letters. This week we did the letters i, t and l. We built them with her Build- A- Letter Complete Alphabet kit that I created. We traced the letters and we wrote the letters. We also did a salt tray for practicing the letters as well.

We also did some salt tray writing which eventually led to salt EVERYWHERE writing. I was able to ignore the mess because I have a fairly decent vacuum cleaner.

preschool lesson plan transportation (cars) writing

Preschool Lesson Plan Transportation- Cars Sensory
How did preschool go for you last week? What theme did you cover? Let me know in the comments below.