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Using Frozen to Teach Emotional Development

Yes, it has been firmly established that we are currently in our Frozen preschool lesson plan. We have done frozen snacks as well as Frozen preschool sensory activities – even an engineering sensory activity. Today I will share with you our emotional development lesson for this Disney preschool lesson plan. Let’s walk.

Disney Preschool Lesson Plan- Using Frozen To Teach Emotional Development

Photo Credit: Dollar Photo Club |Svetaorlova

By now, most Frozen fans know who the good guys and bad guys are in the Disney movie Frozen. They know the “Let It Go” song (I personally prefer the one from the movie but hey- different strokes for different folks) and they also know the general plot of the movie. If you preschooler knows all of these things, how can you apply a regular Disney movie to the life of your kids? Is it even possible? My answer is YES!! This is what we did in our house with my preschool daughter and 1 year old son.


Throughout this section, I will be naming scenes and then sharing how we used these scenes.

1.  Elsa singing “Let It Go”

–  I am sure no preschooler (and sadly adult) who knows and loves this movie is going to ignore this song. What happens when you hear a song? You want to jump up and belt it out!! However once you start doing this, you suddenly become self conscious and stop. J has been guilty of this so what do I do? I go beside her and start singing too. I show her that its okay to be dorky and to express yourselves through music and dance.

–  J loves to dance and because of this and the fact that her little brother is always around, she will try to grab him and they will dance. Sure they end up on the floor most of the time but they are learning to be silly with each other and to express themselves.

2. Anna being completely ‘adorkable’

–  I have said before that we are a family of dorks. J has identified Anna as being a dork and is now seeing that being a dork is perfectly okay.

frozen preschool lesson plan for emotional development

 Photo Credit: Dollar Photo Club |Kimberly Reinick

3. Anna saving her sister

– This scene is what made me truly appreciate Frozen. I love my sister with a love that cannot be expressed. I will fight for her till my dying breath, I will chastise her when she is being ridiculous, I am there to be the proud mama when she achieves something and I am there just to be her listening ear. Yup I love my sister. I even have a nickname for her that I am no longer allowed to say in public.

I want J and C to have this kind of love- a self sacrificing kind of love. To realize that they have each other in the world and that they need to foster this relationship. It can be rewarding (saved Arenedelle) but it can also hurt (Elsa shutting Anna out).

4. The overall movie (True Love)

–  I am not your average mommy. Yes my kids are ridiculously cute (yeah, I said it and if you saw them you would think this too) but J is very smart as well. I actually downplay the beauty and focus on the brain. My husband now knows that when he says to her that she looks pretty because of whatever insane outfit she has on, he adds that she is also smart. Because of this, I have tried to show her (not sure how much she understands of this) that true love is not a princess waiting to be rescued by a prince. Actually, she didn’t even know about princesses until this movie.

I want my kids to know that true love can be directed to a family member, a friend and yes the typical scenario of the opposite sex (so glad we are no where near that stage or I would be a broken mess).

So there you have it. This is how I have used Frozen to further develop my daughter’s emotional development. Jennifer from Study at Home Mama also has an awesome post about Teaching Kids to Let It Go. Don’t forget to check out out other Frozen activities as well as the preschool resources I share on Learning 2 Walk’s Facebook page and thanks for walking with me.


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