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Math for preschoolers can be learnt in everyday situations. Whether it be while setting the table and counting the amount of plates needed for each member of the family. Preschool math can be learnt anywhere and everywhere.

Every week I share what I am doing in preschool with J (my daughter). We do one theme per week and then I provide the free printable for your use. Below you will find a quick preview on a few of the preschool math themes we have looked at to date as well as links to a few more.

We focused on all things fall because J started noticing all the acorns on the ground as well as the leaves changing colours. In this kit you can find graphing activities, sequencing and counting.

Fall Preschool Math
For our X-ray and Bones preschool math theme, we played with a board game that I created. This game allowed us to count as well as basic addition and number identification.

x-ray and bones game: preschool math