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X-rays and Bones Themed Preschool Math

Welcome back to the second day of J’s themed preschool. Today’s post details what we do for our x-ray and bones themed preschool math. Yesterday I shared the entire mini kit with you for this theme. If you missed it, you can simply click HERE to see the post and download the file. Let’s walk.

xrays and bones preschool math

Preschool Math: Bones

x-ray and bones game: preschool math
For preschool math this week, I created a game board called Bones. The aim of this game was to simply have fun with Math.

What You Need and How To Play

  1. A copy of the Bones games board
  2.  Dice (2)
  3. A token to symbolize each player

 Step 1

Take turn rolling both dice to see who has the highest total. The person with the highest total gets to start. It might actually be helpful to have a small plastic cup for your preschooler to roll the dice in as their hands might be a bit too small to hold both dice and shake it to roll.

Step 2

Once the first and second players have been determined in this preschool math game, roll again. Whatever the total is, is how many spaces you will move. Ensure that you count loudly when it is your turn and move very slowly so that your preschooler can see that you are both counting and moving your token the same number of spaces as the dice says.

Step 3

Continue taking turns while playing. If one of the die lands on a 6 however, that player has another try. The green boxes by the bones indicate that you should move up the bone while the red boxes means that the player need to go back a few spaces to the end of the bone.

Step 4

The winner is the first player to get to 20. If for some reason, a player is on #17 and then throws 4 or more in total on the die, then they miss a turn. If one of the numbers is a 6, then they get a second chance.


What J Learnt From Bones

Although this game was fun and I lost every single time, J was able to practice a few preschool math concepts. These were:

  1. counting
  2. number identification
  3. basic addition

You can download the x-ray and bones kit here. Thanks for walking with me.


Monday 28th of November 2016