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Preschool Reading

Preschool reading does not come easily but it can be fun and enjoyable. Every week I plan to post the printables I have created for J my daughter in our preschool. We do a different theme every week and we focus on different concepts weekly. Below you will find some of the things we have done. Keep checking weekly to see more.

What Does My Preschooler Need To Know (Reading and Writing)

In this post I give a summary of the things that a preschooler should know for preschool reading as well as a free printable checklist.

what does my preschooler need to know: language

Fall Themed Preschool Reading

Courtesy of the fact that J is in love with fall as well as acorns and squirrels, I thought that it would be appropriate to create a fun set of printables for her in addition to our acorn sensory bin. In this mini kit you will find upper and lower case matching and a few other activities as well.

fall preschool reading
X-Ray and Bones Themed Preschool Reading

J is obsessed with the Bubble Guppies and loves to sing the song, “Got a lot of bones inside me”. As a result, I felt that an x-rays and bones theme was in order.

bones themed preschool reading


Colour Themed Preschool Reading

This week I created a simple set of cards so that we could play a few games to reinforce letter recognition. We played Go Fish as well as Letter Chaos.

colours theme preschool reading sample of page
 Three Fun Ways to Teach Reading

In this preschool reading post, I share three fun ways to teach preschool reading. One such activity is a letter card game.

3 Fun Ways to Teach Preschool Reading