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Preschool Organization

Hello, Learning 2 Walk readers. I’m Jenn from Organized Home Organized School, and I’m excited to be sharing with you all today what preschool organization looks like in my small house.

Although we all would love to have magazine worthy homes with a separate room for preschool, the truth is a lot of us have limited space. Today I will show you how I maximize the preschool organization in my small home, and hopefully you will be able to get some inspiration!

Preschool organization can be simple and still look nice. My three year old daughter has her preschool supplies in her room and it works really well. The main thing to remember is  try to corral like items together to keep it all organized and easy to maintain.

We started with a 9-cube organizer and got some fabric bins that match her room to put the material in.

Each cube holds a different type of supply.

(Note: It may be helpful to label the cubes if you plan to have your child help with the preschool organization)

The categories are:

  • Loose manipulatives
  • Puzzles
  • Montessori
  • Preschool notebook and printable organizer
  • Workbooks

Because we are a family of five with only 1000 square feet, we try to keep the kids school supplies in their rooms. We still have our school time and learn all over the house, but we keep the supplies in their rooms (and our linen closet) to keep clutter under control.

The two large cubes on the ends at the top hold her workbooks, binder, and the file folder used to hold the printables for the week.


A way to save space when you have a lot of printables is to only print enough for one week. In the picture above, you can see the accordion style folder that holds her letter printables. Only print enough for Monday through Friday (or whatever days you plan to use them in the week) and keep them stored in a folder. That way you don’t have to worry about where to store tons of printables when you don’t have the space.

The next row holds her Montessori material, games about the alphabet and matching cards, and some foam puzzles.

All of our Montessori materials fit in one large cube.

Keep your small games and cards in sandwich baggies to help keep all the pieces together.

Games or puzzles with small pieces should also be kept in bags so the pieces won’t get lost.

And finally, the last row of her preschool organization cubes holds two bins of manipulatives and a section of puzzles.



We keep all the little manipulatives like stones and small blocks in large bags inside the cubes. However, if you have small toddlers, be careful with small objects that can be easily accessed.

That is how we store our preschool supplies and it works for us! Of course you can create the categories that relate to the type of preschool material you use. Keep it simple and fun and you can’t go wrong!

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Sunday 20th of January 2019

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