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Erupting numbers

Hey guys! It’s me Natasha from Tiny Tots Adventures. Where I blog about the learning activities and games that I do with my preschooler and toddler. Today I’ve got another one of our really fun preschool sensory activities for you to try with your preschooler. We have been working on word numbers lately but I forgot to take pictures of the actual activity that we were doing. No problem though, because my preschooler loved this activity so much that I was asked to make it happen again. I took pics this time.

preschool sensory activities: Erupting NumbersThis activity is good for fine motor skills, learning numbers and word numbers, science, and some great messy sensory play. Oh and lots of fizzing! Lots, of fizzing!

What I used to make this happen:

  • Baking soda
  • Liquid soap
  • Clear marbles
  • Art pen
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Winter and Christmas ice molds
  • Three small jars
  • 2 Spray bottles

How I made the magic happen:

  1. I mixed the baking soda and soap in a bowl until it was smooth but not runny
  2. Spooned a little into a ice mold
  3. Place a marble in the mold and push it to the bottom
  4. Spoon more of the gaming said soap mixture on top.
  5. Repeat this for the rest of the molds
  6. Smooth the tops and place in the freezer

Tip: When pushing in the marbles make sure not to push them in too far. Just far enough so that once you remove the frozen bomb from the the ice tray you can’t see the marbles.

preschool sensory activities: Erupting Numbers

The objective of this activity was for my preschooler to discover the numbered marbles and place them by their correct word number.

So, to discover the numbered marbles we first had to release them from their baking soda soap encasing. To do that we needed to fill some of our jars with the vinegar half way and some with lemon juice. Fill both of our spray bottles, one with vinegar and the other with lemon juice.

Now that we have our jars and spray bottles filled, we take the baking soda soap mixture from the freezer and pop them out of their molds. (This is very easy to do if you are using a silicon ice mold.)

Place everything in a tray to help contain the mess and let your preschooler have at it.

We’ve played with this kind of fun before here and here but we’ve never had little surprises to find. I did not tell my, preschooler that there were numbered marbles inside. Part of the fun is the discovery, once she discovers one of something she wants to keep going until she find it all. She smelled all the hard and noticed right away visibly which jar was lemon juice and by scent which one was vinegar.

She started to drop the bombs in the liquids one by one and and watching the action. They bubbled, up nice and foamy. She played with dropping them inside the jars for a while before she even noticed the first numbered ball.

Preschool Sensory Activities: Erupting Numbers

When she noticed the marble she took it out of the jar and used her spray bottle to clear the rest of the baking soda soap mixture from it. She matched up all the numbers with there words and was happy and content to keep playing.

This activity is fun and great at peaking my preschooler’s interest. I try to do these every once in a while to just make her happy. There many ways that you can modify this to fit your preschooler. If you like this and would like to see more eruption play from me,then click here.Preschool sensory activities: erupting numbers

Well it was nice sharing with you guys, but I got to go and tend to my Tiny Tots. So until next time, remember that everyday is an adventure when looking through the eyes of a child. Later!

PS. What fun preschool sensory activities have you done this week?


Thursday 29th of January 2015

Fun! Thanks for sharing the recipe and for linkinguup with the Frugal Family! Evelyne