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Build A Highway Sensory Table

Last week’s preschool lesson plan focused on cars because J has a very strong interest in them at the moment. Today, I will share with you last week’s preschool sensory activities based on our lesson plan.

preschool sensory activities: transportation sensory table
Okay, I may have went a little overboard on this one. I could have simply done a sensory bin with cars. Sure, all I would have to do is add a base of beans or rice. Then I would find a few things of interest and place a few cars inside it but I wanted something that J can start on her own and play independently. I also wanted it to be something that C can play with as well.

In my mind, my project had to be safe and fun at the same time. It had to work on on their fine motor skills while they played. It had to be pretty simple for me to put together because time is not a luxury I have these days. It had to be something that I could join in on the fun and be able to put away quickly and have little to no spills.  Alright, now that you know what was going on in my mind while I planned, let me share what I came up with.

I created a sensory table!! Yup, forget the bin and grab the table that gets little or no use. I created a highway scene that both J and C could play with. Here is what I did and what you need.

First I grabbed the following items:
1) Painter’s tape
2) Permanent Marker
3) A side table that gets little to no use
4) Toy cars

First I drew a quick sketch of what I wanted the table to look like. Once I was satisfied with it, I grabbed my tape and started creating the pattern on the table.

Next, I used the permanent marker and created  little lines on the painters tape to make roads. This is what I came up with:

preschool sensory activities: transportation
J loves using it and now she is asking for stoplights. Any ideas on how to make those? If you have any ideas, comment below.

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Sunday 16th of November 2014

You could create something that looks like this, or order them. However, I know nothing about this website. Painted popsicle sticks would be nice. If you have a hot glue gun, you could create a way for it to stand up. You have inspired me to make a table!


Sunday 16th of November 2014

I do have a hot glue gun Christina. Will see what I can do!! I am both nervous and excited


Friday 14th of November 2014

You could use small colored stickers (like garage sale price stickers) or hole-punch colored paper in red, green, & yellow.


Friday 14th of November 2014

Nice!! But how would I get it to stand up? Maybe a popsicle stick mounted on playdough?